This is why Unión Deportiva Almería chose Spiideo

2019-11-07 Customer cases

Unión Deportiva Almería was founded in 2001 after a fusion between the two football clubs in the city of Almería in the southeast of Spain. The football club has played successfully in La Liga for many years. Currently, they are playing in La Liga’s second division.

When Unión Deportiva Almería was looking for a video analysis system they did a lot of research to find the system that suited them be

“We chose Spiideo because of the quality of the cameras as well as the ease of use of the video analysis system,”

says Fahad Omar
Unión Deportiva Almería and Spiideo works for a better future with video analysis

Some features that impressed Unión Deportiva Almería were Spiideo’s ability to record everything in 4k and the user-friendly Spiideo app.

“For the coaches and analysts, they liked the ability to live tag the training or match. With Spiideo they can now do the analysis directly on the pitch”

The final factor which convinced Unión Deportiva Almería to pick Spiideo was Spiiedo’s reputation throughout the football world.

“It’s one of the top companies in video analysis and they are working with big clubs around the world,”

says Fahad Omar