Winning Championships: How Video Analysis Helps Drive the Frölunda Hockey

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The Frölunda Indians are the most successful hockey team in Europe. As the reigning champions of the Swedish Hockey League and the Champions Hockey League, they are squarely cemented as the elite of the elite in European ice hockey. And Frölunda needed a video analysis setup that matched their ambition for trophies. 

“For us, it’s been a lifesaver to be able to work our practice sessions in a better way.” 

Fredrik Sjöström, General manager 

Before Spiideo, the Frölunda Hockey filmed all their practice sessions manually, a setup that is time-consuming and clunky. Having the ability to skip the recording preparations and focus on the most important aspect: analysis & coaching has given the Frolunda coaches and players time to dive into specifics and development. Everyone from the youth academy to the A-team use Spiideo’s video analysis and player development tools. 

Learn how the CHL champions, Frölunda Indians, use video to accelerate player development and tactics. Spiideo video analysis Ice hockey

For example, Erik Lignell, Video Coach for the Indians is now able to tag different sequences directly during practice and share the clips with the players immediately after each session. 

“We’ve become smarter and understand each other a lot better”.

Erik Lignell, Video Coach

The Power of Sharing Video Across the Team

After practice, the players have access to everything on their tablets and phones via the Spiideo app. They can take time to look through the different situations and clips where they were active to reflect, learn, and adjust.

Joel Lundqvist, Captain of The Frölunda Indians, finds that the video from the ice helps with a number of different aspects of play."Spiideo has helped me as a player, most of all with positioning, how I move on the ice." Joel Lundqvist

Joel Lundqvist, Captain of The Frölunda Hockey, finds that the video from the ice helps with a number of different aspects of play.

“Spiideo has helped me as a player, most of all with positioning, how I move on the ice.” 

Joel Lundqvist, Captain

To make learning seamless, the analysis team uses Spiideos drawing features to illustrate techniques and certain plays. Plus, having multiple angels and a panorama view can help the team adjust important tactics. 

“The features I like the most is how we can turn the camera and zoom in, to really emphasize details. Those details will be crucial in the end”.

Tobias Sjöström, Director of player development 

Positional Video Analysis

With a long history of coaching goalkeepers, the Indians are considered pioneers in this area of player development. With Spiideo they have a specific goalkeeper camera that captures and records everything; providing the best angle for details concerning the development of goalkeepers.  

“Spiideo has been extremely helpful in developing the players on an individual level, we practice a lot on and off the ice, and getting a contact time with the players through video, helps us a lot with pushing the players in the direction we want.”

Tobias Sjöström, Director of player development