How Elverum Handball is engaging fans through live streaming in Spiideo Play

In recent years, Elverum Handball has established itself as the team to beat in Norwegian handball, claiming the Eliteserien title in three of the last four seasons and securing three consecutive Norwegian Cups between 2018 and 2020.

Now, the club has set its sights on challenging Europe’s elite clubs — the likes of Barcelona, RK Vardar, and Paris Saint-Germain — in the EHF Champions League, Europe’s premier handball competition.

Elverum uses Spiideo to reach the highest level of efficiency of its video analysis process, but soon discovered an alternative use for its automated camera setup: live streaming. By also using Spiideo Play, the club now broadcasts its elite team training matches, as well as youth tournaments and some youth matches.

Reliable live streaming for Handball

The automated camera system removes the need for a camera operator, capturing the entire field throughout the game and keeping the focus on the action using Spiideo’s AI game tracker technology, called AutoFollow.

Through Spiideo Play’s CloudStudio production tool, the club is able to create high-quality streams for fans to enjoy at home, with the entire process handled through CloudStudio — both audio commentary and graphical elements, such as the scoreboard and overlays.

As well as keeping fans connected, Elverum’s live streams also offer an opportunity to capture additional revenue that can support the club in challenging Europe’s elite clubs.

Elverum can charge fans a small fee to access individual streams or make use of the Game Package feature to sell access to a bundle of games at a discounted price. This encourages fans to purchase access to extra streams, providing additional revenue as well as higher viewership numbers that appeal to sponsors and advertisers.

Elverum’s production team can select a number of sponsors prior to an event, which is displayed on the dedicated game page. Likewise, sponsorship logos are also available as overlays, which can be placed over the stream during breaks in play.

In the future, we can start to sell digital ads in our broadcasts, which provides a win-win system for all,

Mads Frederiksen CEO at Elverum Handball

Game-winning video analysis

Elverum settled on Spiideo Perform for its extensive, yet easy-to-use analysis tools. The video analysis solution uses Spiideo’s camera system to automatically capture and transfer footage to the club, freeing up time for coaches to tag, clip and analyze.

Previously, the club relied on a system that required coaches to manually cut footage before it was ready to share, which left coaches with too little time to extract insight from the footage captured.

Elverum has installed four Spiideo camera systems around its court, which provides a complete, panoramic view from multiple angles, and plans to add two more cameras behind the goals.

You have the opportunity to see everything from different camera angles, both opponents, yourself, or other teammates to get a deeper analysis of the game. In addition to the analysis coaches show, players can access the system themselves to get more feedback and insights, which improves their development and understanding of the game

Mads Frederiksen CEO at Elverum Handball

As well as supporting the team between games, the ability to watch and tag live through Spiideo Perform means that coaches can deliver valuable insight to coaches immediately.

During games, Elverum’s analysts live-tag on an iPad, observing both the team’s play as well as that of their opponents, coaches are able to share clips during breaks to provide game-changing feedback to players during breaks in play.

We want to be even better at details and analysis and that is why we chose Spiideo. Spiideo gives us a good analysis tool for training – Monday to Friday – as well as during matches on the weekends

Mads Frederiksen CEO at Elverum Handball

A two-in-one live streaming and video analysis solution

Spiideo Perform and Spiideo Play serve two different purposes. However, the similarities between the two tools – from UI to camera controls – provide familiarity, helping the staff to learn and teach others how to use the two solutions.

“The advantage of a system that can handle both analysis and streaming is that it is easy to work with, you recognize the system and it becomes easy to teach new people within the organization,” Fredriksen says.

If you want a tool for all your needs, it’s Spiideo you should choose. Having both streaming and analysis tools provide a broadness that no other tool has. Players have access to insight while grandparents have the opportunity to follow matches remotely

Mads Frederiksen CEO at Elverum Handball