The Spiideo Academy


Our recorded videos will help you improve your workflow for both Spiideo Perform (analysis) and Spiideo Play (broadcasting).

Soccer game with drawings for performance analaysis.

Analyze every moment

Spiideo Perform

THE COMPLETE ONBOARDING VIDEO: The Spiideo Academy: Your Spiideo Perform Onboarding

Learn how to start and schedule recordings from the Spiideo Perform web application.

Creating your sharing Groups and adding new members to your Spiideo Perform account.

How to Create and Share a Tag Panels.

How to create a presentation in Spiideo Perform.

How to edit a presentation in Spiideo Perform.

How to add users to a League Exchange.

How to order AutoData Soccer : LIVE

How to access and utilize your AutoData

Broadcast every moment

Spiideo Play

How to Schedule a Spiideo Play Broadcast.

Make sure your scenes are ready for your upcoming broadcasts.