Røa and Spiideo: Supporting player development in Norwegian women’s football

With the victory over Grei in the final game of the 2021 season, Oslo-based club Røa Dynamite Girls completed one of football’s greatest feats by ending the campaign undefeated, and with it secured their immediate return to the top flight of Norwegian women’s football.

Next season, Røa will hope to maintain its place in the Toppserien with the support of Spiideo Perform, a powerful video analysis solution that streamlines the capture, analysis, and sharing of video footage.

Through a panoramic Spiideo camera system mounted at the Røa kunstgress arena, the club now captures all of its first-team training sessions and matches effortlessly without a camera operator. This footage enables the use of various tools within the platform, from live-tagging to powerful presentation creation tools, to enhance the quality and delivery of feedback.


Fredrik Sæland Player Development Coach, Røa
roa women's football video analysis

Efficient and effective video analysis

Røa’s coaches use Spiideo Perform’s clipping tools to create reference clips from previous games or sessions that demonstrate particular plays and issues that they wish to highlight, which are shown to players before they head out to train.

While previous manual setups have made tactical analysis tricky – due to issues such as the proximity of the camera to the field, inadequate zooming, and missed moments off of the ball – Spiideo has resolved these issues. Spiideo’s cameras capture a full, panoramic view of the playing field, while coaches have the freedom to pan and zoom within a recording to focus on the areas of the pitch that will best support their analysis.

“It’s made a difference in terms of how easy it is to work with recordings from our training sessions to view team structure. Now we can show players, this is what we did on Thursday and this is how you need to do it on Saturday – we didn’t have that before, so it gives us extra confidence.”  –  Fredrik Sæland, Player Development coach, Røa

But Spiideo hasn’t only improved the coaching team’s ability to analyze training sessions or matches from a team perspective. With footage captured in up to 12K resolution, coaches can also focus in on individual players and curate clips to support their individual development.

“You can see details in the recording – body position, are they scanning at the right time – so you get technical aspects from the tactical view too.” – Fredrik Sæland, Player Development coach, Røa

Roa Dynamite Girls sheering

Aiding Røa’s top flight future

With promotion to the Toppserien, Sæland hopes there will be more resources available to make full use of Spiideo Perform’s features. Currently, a lack of manpower means the club isn’t able to make consistent use of Spiideo Perform’s live tagging functionality, which enables coaches to tag footage as a session takes place, in order to ensure coaches and players have immediate access to important and useful clips.

Playing at a higher level will also mean meeting higher demands, and Sæland hopes the club’s new video analysis tool can help it to reach the next level. With new faces expected to join the dressing room during the off-season, access to video will speed up the process of getting these new recruits used to the club’s playing style in preparation for their first season back at the top level.

Likewise, with greater efficiency and better quality feedback, the setup will also help the club’s current players to push on — and not only those in Røa’s first team but those playing across its various recruitment and youth teams.

Supporting youth team development

For youth team coach Toby Rochford, Spiideo Perform has cut the time spent on video analysis in half. Previously, the coach would record with a manual camera, which needed to be moved from side to side to keep track of play. He would then transfer, prepare and upload footage to individual Google Drive folders for his players to access.

With Spiideo Perform, footage is instantly processed and uploaded, meaning that time wasted preparing footage is eliminated, while the ability to fast forward and increase the playback speed while watching a recording back also makes the analysis process far more efficient.

To analyze the game and create the clips, it would’ve taken me three, four hours a game. Now, I would say I get through a 90 minute game in two hours.

Toby Rochford Youth Coach, Røa

Rochford can now also tag games live from the sidelines, as he does when his youth players feature in the recruitment team. Using Spiideo’s powerful tagging system, the coach set up a quick tag for each of his players and simply hits a key every time a player touches the ball, effortlessly creating clips to speed up and support his analysis.

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Enhancing feedback through presentations

Rather than messing around with camcorders, SD cards, and transfer cables, Rochford can instead spend his time creating insightful presentations through Spiideo Perform. Following a match, the coach clips the four most important minutes of the game, and organizes them into sections such as build-up, defense, transition, and goals, to share at the side’s next training session.

But beyond organizing clips into ready-to-share presentations, coaches can also make use of Spiideo Perform’s drawing tools to enhance the quality of their presentations with useful telestration overlays and markings. Coaches can add spotlights around a player, mark areas, place areas, measure distances, or use the freehand drawing tool to create notes and markings. These tools help to engage the players in the footage and ensure feedback gets across.

They help me to highlight the player that I’m talking about, what direction they could run it. I think they’re really, really useful

Toby Rochford Youth Coach, Røa