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Video Analysis in the UK Football Pyramid

Discover how Wolverhampton Wanderers and Livingston FC are using Spiideo to improve performance through automated capture for video analysis.

The UK’s football pyramid is among the most-watched, most lucrative, and most competitive in the sport. To challenge in this environment, clubs throughout the ecosystem are constantly looking for ways to get ahead. Helping teams to improve tactically, nullify opposition threats and supporting the development of future stars, many are investing in their video analysis processes.

Video has played a part in the game for decades, but clubs were held back by poor-quality footage, ineffective processes and a lack of resources. Now, innovative solutions are enabling clubs to capture, process and analyze high-quality footage efficiently and affordably.

A seamless process from setup, to capture, to analysis: Spiideo at Wolverhampton Wanderers

Intent on overhauling its restrictive manual video capture process, Premier League side Wolverhampton Wanderers turned to Spiideo’s recording and analysis solution, Spiideo Perform. Across four pitches at the Sir Jack Hayward Training Ground, Spiideo’s AI-powered cameras now autonomously capture a high-quality, panoramic view to support the club’s analysis and development.

Through Spiideo Perform, coaches and analysts can pan and zoom within a recording to focus in on particular areas, supporting its teams tactically and players on an individual level. With all footage accessible over the cloud, coaches can prepare insight and feedback from anywhere, increasing the value the club extracts from the footage it captures.

Watch the video below to discover how Spiideo is supporting Wolverhampton Wanderers, from the first-team to its U9s

An all-in-one, easy to use analysis platform’: Video analysis in the Scottish Premiership

Using Spiideo Perform, even teams with smaller budgets and resources can enjoy the benefits of world-class video analysis. Scottish Premiership side Livingstone Football Club implemented Spiideo to improve the efficiency of its video capture process, freeing up numerous hours for its analysis team to gather insight and create feedback.

Utilizing Spiideo Perform’s suite of features and tools, from its automated live capture process to its customizable tagging functions, coaches and analysts can watch back any moment of a match or training session from various angles to support tactical decision-making and deliver valuable visual feedback to the playing team  — both following a match or session, or in real-time from the touchline.

Watch the video below, where first-team analyst Euan Blodin and assistant manager Marvin Bartley share how the club is using Spiideo’s recording and analysis solution:

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