San Diego Loyal: Capturing the ‘complete picture’ using Spiideo Perform

Video is an instrumental tool for the modern soccer coach, supporting the finetuning of team shape and tactics, analysis of opposition play, and delivery of game-changing feedback to players. But its impact on performance is determined by the quality of footage captured, angles shown, and timing of delivery.

Through two automated Spiideo cameras fitted at the Torero Stadium, San Diego Loyal effortlessly captures a high definition, 360 degree view of play. Coaches can rewatch events seconds after they occur through the Spiideo Perform video analysis platform, pan and zoom within a recording to find the right view, and spark conversations between players and coaches that make all the difference out on the field.

Spiideo has become a part of everyday life at the USL Championship side, used by the coaching team to support performance analysis, training sessions, player development and opposition scouting. Whether on the sidelines, in the dressing room, on the training field or the team bus – Spiideo’s cloud-based system is on hand to provide clarity whenever footage is required.

Watch the video below to learn how San Diego Loyal head coach Landon Donovan and assistant coach Nate Miller are utilizing Spiideo’s power analysis tool –