League-Wide Video

The Icelandic FA’s Powerful Analysis and Streaming Solution

Sharing and analyzing video across an entire league of teams can be – in a word –  challenging. With each team in a league potentially using different workflows, it’s important to centralize and improve the processes for teams. Instead of manually recording matches, uploading/downloading continuously, and then sharing footage; leagues need automatic recording and cloud sharing to ease the burden on teams to scout and analyze league-wide video.

„Having access to video is incredibly important for not only individual teams, but our entire league. By implementing Spiideo across all teams in the men’s and women’s Pepsi Max divisions, 22 teams in total (16 clubs), we’re able to instantly share match footage to all teams through Spiideo’s cloud based league exchange.“ – Arnar Vidarsson, Technical Director, FA of Iceland

After using Spiideo at two of their clubs from the Pepsi Max League (the top league in Iceland), the FA of Iceland quickly rolled out both Spiideo Perform and Spiideo Play for all teams under their umbrella. Tackling both video capture/analyzation and streaming for teams.

“Along with first-teams using Spiideo Perform to analyze match and training footage, Spiideo Play gives all clubs an opportunity to stream their youth and academy games. Because we have the cameras installed league-wide, the clubs can set up youth and academy streams with a few clicks.” – Arnar Vidarsson, Technical Director, FA of Iceland

Additionally, with the Pepsi Max League teams that will now use Spiideo Perform to analyze and access match footage, they also installed Spiideo cameras at Laugardalsvöllur, the Icelandic National Team stadium.

We are very proud of our Icelandic national team and wanted to ensure we had the highest quality cameras – that captured the entire pitch – and software for the players and coaches to analyze their performance. That’s why we chose Spiideo.

Arnar Vidarsson Technical Director, FA of Iceland

With Spiideo Perform, the national team and Pepsi Max League can live-tag matches/trainings, use drawing tools to highlight and annotate clips, and build presentations for both coaches and players.

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