Sweden’s EFD partners with Spiideo to provide automatic video analysis across Obos Damallsvenskan

Spiideo and Elitfotboll Dam (EFD) are pleased to announce a collaboration for Sweden’s top league in women’s football (Obos Damallsvenskan). The collaboration will facilitate, streamline and improve the clubs’ video analysis capabilities across the league. Every arena in Obos Damallsvenskan will be equipped with Spiideo’s AI cameras. This enables the live recording of matches, and the footage to be available to all teams via Spiideo’s cloud-based platform. This will further develop Swedish football, allowing all teams to have the same opportunities to analyze both their own matches, as well as scout opponents.

Spiideo is a popular tool for thousands of clubs globally and through our collaboration, the Swedish elite women’s clubs get access to a tool that will help in the analysis work. We are pleased to now be able to offer Obos Damallsvenskan the same opportunities for analysis that exist in the men’s Allsvenskan.

Andreas Landgren Sales Manger, Spiideo & Helsingborg IF Player

The investment is made possible partly through an investment from Elitfotboll Dam and partly through collaboration with Svensk Elitfotboll (SEF), which gives EFD access to some cameras that are currently owned by SEF.

We have collaborated with Spiideo since 2017 and the system has become a natural part of the daily work with video analysis and player development for most clubs in the Allsvenskan and Superettan. For us, it is natural to help EFD with this initiative. We already have a good collaboration and we are happy to build on that to develop Swedish football.

Svante Samuelsson Sports Manager at SEF

The introduction of Spiideo is part of a step in equipping Obos Damallsvenskan with the latest level of video analysis, so our coaches and analysts have the best conditions to work with the team and individual development. We look forward to a long and rewarding collaboration for all parties.

Stefan Alvén Sports Manager at EFD