Time-saving Spiideo video solutions see quick growth in NCAA Field Hockey

The Spiideo provides fully automated recordings from multiple angles and eliminates the need for a manual camera operator.
Spiideo’s list of field hockey teams has been growing rapidly the last few years. Today almost 20% of Division 1 teams in the US are using Spiideo in their daily work with video recording and analysis. We have taken a closer look to find out why.

Kyle DeSandes-Moyer, Assistant Coach at Kent State University, uses Spiideo’s fixed camera/AI-technology when recording training sessions and games. The system provides fully automated recordings from multiple angles, and eliminates the need for a manual camera operator.

Before I felt I needed to be in two places at the same time. Now I can record the practice at the push of a button, and then watch it live or post. I actually feel that I’m a more efficient coach now, and Spiideo saves hours of work time each week.

Kyle DeSandes-Moyer Head Coach, Kent State field hockey team

Nina Klein, a Division 1 coach, was one of the first US field hockey coaches to start using the Spiideo system three years ago. At her university, several sports are using the technology, including men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s lacrosse.

Our experience using Spiideo for several years has been nothing but positive. The tool has a lot of great features, but is still very user-friendly and straightforward, so you don’t need to be a wizard to understand it.

Nina Klein Division 1 associate head coach

Live tagging and player development

Video analysis in field hockey is a powerful tool for both team analysis and for individual player development. Both Nina and Kyle record all training sessions, and also find the live video tagging possibilities a big reason why they chose the Spiideo system.

The possibility with live tagging and viewing is fantastic, and really helps us watch back plays during a game and provide feedback to our players right away.

Kyle DeSandes-Moyer head coach, Kent State field hockey team
Kent State Field Hockey - Spiideo video recording and analysis

Another benefit of the system, according to Nina and Kyle, is the possibility to use Spiideo for Video Umpire Referral. It is a simple way of eliminating potentially match-changing wrong decisions, and already a big part of most field hockey games today. Being able to watch the video from multiple angles, in combination with great image quality are reasons why Spiideo is more and more used for video referral. In addition, the field hockey referees have been able to use the system effectively with very little training.

There was only minimal setup needed on our end. In terms of speed and navigation all the referees have been very positive.

Nina Klein Division 1, Associate head coach

Scalable system

Many field hockey clubs mention the fact that Spiideo is highly scalable as one of the reasons why they chose it. You can select what components to use depending on workflow and need. This makes it cost efficient and suitable also for smaller clubs with more limited resources.

Kent State winning - Spiideo video recording and analytics tool

Spiideo is also a great teaching and learning tool for the student athletes. You can use the drawing tool or highlight players to make the feedback more visual. It’s great when presenting to the team as a whole or with players individually. Another advantage with Spiideo is the feature to be able to schedule recording of games ahead of time.

I don’t want to worry about forgetting to turn it on so our team sets up all the recordings ahead of time, which works perfectly.

Kyle DeSandes-Moyer Head Coach, Kent State field hockey team