Video analysis in the Serie A: Supporting Derthona’s LBA playoff push

Featuring in its first season in the top tier of Italian basketball, Derthona Basket has looked comfortable among the nation’s most competitive teams.

As well as finishing runner-up in the Coppa Italia, the side also remains in the running to reach the playoffs, where it would compete for its first Serie A title and a place in European competition next season.

Crucial to its success, says the Coaching staff, is a simple philosophy: use every tool available to support its players – both individually and collectively – on the court.

We want to sustain high standards of quality and execution and we are always looking for that extra edge

Coaching staff Derthona

The role of video analysis in Derthona’s rise

Among the most important tools available to Derthona’s coaching team is video analysis, which the club relies on to study the performance of both its players and opposition teams.

In previous seasons, the team would manually film its training sessions. While the value this offered Derthona on the court was indisputable, the process required considerable resources to deliver feedback and analysis in a timely fashion.

However, the club has since discovered a more efficient way to record, analyze and share footage: Spiideo Perform.

Spiideo’s powerful video analysis platform uses an automated camera system to capture a full, 180-degree view of the court and maintain the focus on play without a human camera operator. Using Spiideo Perform, Derthona’s coaching team is able to record every training session effortlessly and watch footage back – instantly and from anywhere over the cloud – to create valuable feedback to share with the players.


Portable SmartCam: Recording on the go

To power this analysis solution, Derthona uses the Portable SmartCam. Spiideo’s mobile camera system folds down into a small carry case and weights under 8kg, which enables the club to capture footage across all the courts and venues its team plays on.

Coaches can unpack, set up, and begin filming in under 10 minutes – with the Portable SmartCam delivering the same high-quality footage, automated recording and instant analysis provided by Spiideo’s fixed camera systems. For clubs like Derthona, the mobile camera means that no moment goes uncaptured.

“Having access to a complete and accurate tool and at the same time being able to move it according to our needs is really important. In the world of Industry 5.0, cloud sharing and the ease of use of IT tools are aspects we look for.”

– Coaching staff at Derthona

Enhancing Derthona’s analysis workflow

Derthona has enjoyed a ‘diverse’ range of benefits since implementing Spiideo Perform, such as uninterrupted high-definition video capture, the freedom to pan and zoom around a recording without loss of quality, and the ability to review situations and movements in real-time during training sessions.

Spiideo has added several new arrows to our bow, and this will allow us to be even more competitive in our everyday work.”

– Coaching staff at Derthona

However, for them, Spiideo’s biggest advantage is the ability to share training footage with the whole group immediately over the cloud. Whereas manually recorded footage would require lengthy preparation and transfer times, sharing clips through Spiideo Perform is as simple as sending a link.

“The ability to rewatch parts of the practice easily has encouraged players to ask questions, clarify doubts, and engage in discussion with teammates and staff,”

– Coaching staff at Derthona

And there is still plenty the club has yet to explore — from next season, Derthona intends to implement Spiideo’s live-tagging tool into its analysis workflow, which will enable coaches to mark important moments instantly as they occur on the pitch.


Problem-solving in Italy’s top division

Competing at the highest level, teams must be able to adapt their tactical game and study their opponents in the short window between games – while helping players to overcome challenges and limitations at an individual level.

From its effortless recording to powerful presentation tools, Spiideo Perform provides all the features necessary to create a top-level video analysis process, with the efficiency required to deliver optimal results

Urgency has always been part of our philosophy – this does not mean being anxious or stressed, but being able to solve problems that arise with the utmost attention and precision. Spiideo represents, according to our vision, the perfect synthesis of immediacy and functionality.

Coaching staf Derthona