Game Packages: Season & Tournament Livestreaming with Spiideo Play

At Spiideo, we want to make live sports broadcasting accessible to all. Spiideo Play makes it possible for all leagues, federations, media companies, clubs and organizations to automatically — regardless of size or stature — offer fans broadcast-quality streams.

With Spiideo Play, customers can schedule events in advance by inputting key information such as teams, time and date, venues, pricing, and more. Shared via a dedicated game page, events will begin broadcasting automatically at the set time, using Spiideo’s AutoFollow technology to keep track of the unfolding action. Using Cloud Studio, users can control the scoreboard, provide audio commentary, and add graphical overlays to improve the fan experience.

Creating a stream within Spiideo is a straightforward process. In all, it takes less than a minute for a user to enter the required information and schedule an event or build a game package. However, for Spiideo Play users with hundreds of games to set up, those minutes can quickly add up.

To simplify the scheduling process for high-volume users, Spiideo has implemented a batch scheduling function that enables users to upload an unlimited number of games from a single spreadsheet. These games can then be turned into game packages for clubs, leagues, or media companies to offer to their fans. Whether that’s a season or a tournament, it gives organizations the flexibility to customize the price and number of games available.

Building a Game Package for Your Fans

In short, game packages offer teams the ability to bundle a number of streams together at a discounted price, encouraging fans to purchase access to additional games in a single purchase.

In what is a win-win situation for both sides, fans are provided access to more live sport for a set price, and organizations have the potential to increase live stream viewership and revenues. Viewers always have the possibility to purchase a single game, but game packages empowers them to get access to an entire season, tournament, or customized event.

Spiideo customers such as Itasca Marketing are already seeing the benefits of game packages. Across a number of sports in Minnesota, Itasca has been able to build unique packages for fans to watch certain youth hockey leagues or other various sports across the state. With cameras installed in 50+ arenas, it makes it possible to schedule different game packages for all types of leagues. Using Spiideo Play has allowed Itasca Marketing to broadcast its wide range of events effortlessly, without the need for courtside camera operators, and now game packages have made the process even easier for viewers.

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Using Spiideo Play’s batch scheduling feature

Organizers, clubs, and broadcasters are likely to have a full fixture schedule at hand already, which they can now paste directly into the batch scheduling spreadsheet. This reduces the time it takes to schedule a game from minutes down to just seconds.

Users can use the batch scheduling feature by downloading the template spreadsheet from the Broadcasts section on their Spiideo Play dashboard. This file can be opened in all popular spreadsheet applications.

The spreadsheet is automatically populated with information that has previously been added to the Spiideo Play account, such as sponsors, teams, venues, and more, which users can select from pre-populated dropdown boxes. Alternatively, any missing information can be added manually.

The user simply fills out the information for each game they wish to schedule, including the teams set to take part, venue information, time and date, sponsors, pricing, and game packages that the event will be included in, and uploads the file to the dashboard.

Should Spiideo detect any errors, such as incorrect pricing information, users are prompted to check the offending cell. Otherwise, the events are instantly scheduled in Spiideo Play, ready to share with fans via the game page.

Whether you represent a small-scale sports club or large media production company, batch scheduling can help to maximise your organization’s live streaming capabilities. Get in touch to find out more.