Introducing the Portable SmartCam: Bring the full Spiideo experience anywhere you go

The latest addition to Spiideo’s set of camera solutions offers unrestricted mobility, allowing customers to unpack, set up, and begin using Spiideo’s recording and analysis tools anywhere in under 10 minutes.

Spiideo’s complete set of camera solutions provides coaches, clubs, and organizations with an array of options to capture live footage from sports matches and training sessions, all supported by Spiideo’s AI-based technology and cloud platforms. Now, customers can access the full power of Spiideo anywhere they go through the new Portable SmartCam System.

The latest addition to Spiideo’s set of camera solutions offers unrestricted mobility, allowing customers to unpack, set up, and begin using Spiideo’s recording and analysis tools anywhere in under 10 minutes.

Whether used indoors or outdoors, the Portable SmartCam’s ultrawide camera can capture a full, 180-degree view of the playing surface in high resolution, producing footage suitable for elite level coaching, analysis, and live-streaming.

Spiideo Portable SmartCam

A portable solution

Weighing under 8kg, the entire kit is light enough to carry between training pitches, move between venues, or take away with you as you head to your next away game.

The most powerful  Spiideo experience is offered by a fixed camera setup, which is always set up and ready to record at any moment with no manual effort required. However, with teams often splitting their time between multiple pitches and venues, accessing a fixed Spiideo camera isn’t always possible. In these moments, the Portable SmartCam is on hand to ensure that no moment goes unrecorded.

For customers that are unable to install a fixed camera, whether their training facilities are e.g. owned by a third party and permanent installations are forbidden or they do not have access to a permanent facility, the Portable SmartCam can also serve as a reliable alternative.

Spiideo portable sports camera in an outdoor environment

In particular, for those who use many sports facilities, having a portable system you can mount in 10 minutes is very useful. Through a sim card you can upload the video to the cloud and within the app you can review the video. Another 10 minutes, and it’s back in the box ready to take with you.

Martino Sofia Head of Match Analysis at LR Vicenza Virtus

Live sports streaming

Old mobile setups for sports recording required users to capture footage to an SD card, a lengthy manual process to retrieve, sort and share footage. Ultimately delaying analysis and feedback by hours or even days.

With coaches and analysts frequently highlighting this lengthy turnaround time as a pain point in their video analysis process, the Portable SmartCam eliminates the issue by using a high-performance router to send footage instantly to Spiideo.

Spiideo Portable SmartCam Footage

While the Portable SmartCam can be connected to the local network via ethernet, this is not required to use the system. Footage can be transmitted to Spiideo Perform via Wi-Fi or over a 4G mobile network, with 5G connectivity to provide an even faster mobile connection in the near future.

There is no time wasted transferring footage, with anyone able to watch feeds as they unfold. Coaches can watch a session live whether they’re on the sidelines or on the opposite side of the world, and begin tagging, analyzing, and preparing feedback to share with their colleagues and players without delay.

Soon enough, fans will be able to enjoy the action too. With footage transmitted in real-time, Spiideo’s media partners will soon be able to use the Portable SmartCam to stream events live to fans from any location.

The full Spiideo experience

Spiideo believes that all coaches and players should be able to record, access and make use of high quality video regardless of the resources and facilities available to them, and without inefficient, manual processes that limit the benefits of high-level video analysis. While fixed cameras may not be suitable in every situation, with the Portable SmartCam, the full Spiideo experience is just a short set-up away.

Like all of Spiideo’s camera setups, footage is captured automatically, with AI-based Autofollow technology trained to follow play. There is no need for a human camera operator to follow the play, drastically reducing the manual work involved in the recording process.

With footage uploaded to the cloud-based Spiideo Perform, users can watch back recordings and deliver feedback instantly, using Virtual Panorama to pan and zoom around the field and focus in on areas of interest. Analysts can tag footage live from the sidelines, highlighting important moments to use within Spiideo’s comprehensive analysis and presentation tools.

The Portable SmartCam joins Spiideo’s complete set of solutions for all recording situations. Reach out to discuss the best recording, analysis & live-streaming setup for your club, organization, or media company.