In the bubble

NBA Teams Turn to Spiideo to Capture and Analyze Video

When the NBA announced their plan to resume the 2019 – 2020 season under a strict quarantine bubble, it changed the way many teams typically prepare for practices and games. How would they capture footage from a shared practice floor in Orlando’s Disney complex? With 22 teams in one city, having the ability to place a high quality, adaptable camera that didn’t require a manual filming process was a must.

We realized there were a number of challenges when it comes to capturing and sharing video in the NBA bubble. When we came across Spiideo and their Portable SmartCam, we immediately knew we had found a mobile camera solution that could ensure we’re delivering the highest quality footage to our coaches and players

Charles Sims Head of Technology, Los Angeles Clippers

The Spiideo Portable SmartCam allows teams to have a versatile camera that automatically records and streams to the cloud. Through Spiideo Perform, the teams can then live-tag footage (from a tablet or even Apple Watch) and swiftly create presentations for coaches after practice.

The Portable SmartCam also connects to WiFi, ethernet, or 4G; and features Spiideo’s Virtual Panorama technology which automatically captures the entire court without a camera operator. From a tablet, phone, or computer, the footage can be immediately accessed.

Video is one of our crucial resources for coaching individual players and fine-tuning schemes. Spiideo delivers exactly what we needed to help keep our team at the top of the NBA

Charles Sims Head of Technology, Los Angeles Clippers