Designed for flexibility

Introducing: live broadcasts with the most advanced mobile automated sports camera

At Spiideo, we want to make every moment available to the global sports community, instantly and effortlessly. As a stand-alone solution, or supplementing footage captured through the fixed cameras, the Portable SmartCam solution enables users to record anywhere they go with minimal setup required. 

Whether recording games spread across multiple pitches or while on the road, the latest addition to Spiideo’s versatile camera range packs a complete video capture solution into a compact carry case.

Now, the Portable SmartCam is fully supporting live broadcast with Spiideo Play, a fully automated and cloud-based live streaming platform – to capture, analyze and broadcast every moment, anywhere you go.

The complete mobile, automated live broadcasting solution

The Portable SmartCam is the leading portable, AI-powered solution to provide the complete set of tools and features clubs, facilities and media rights holders need to capture, enhance and monetize their broadcasts.

The lightweight system can be carried between pitches, moved between venues and transported to away games. With a battery and router embedded within the case, users simply need to mount the camera, connect the cable to the case, and start streaming.

As the leader in automated camera solutions, Spiideo fixed cameras are known for being always ready and always live. While the Portable SmartCam offers a different function with it’s mobility, the mobile solution does provide the same high-quality viewing experience. Whether indoors or outdoors, the Portable SmartCam captures an ultra-wide, 180-degree, full HD panorama view, just like any other Spiideo camera setup, together with the same cutting-edge AI AutoFollow game tracker technology.

Using Spiideo’s OTT live production platform, customers can create broadcast-quality productions that attract, engage and entertain viewing fans. All Spiideo Play features are available to Portable SmartCam users, including CloudStudio – Spiideo’s cloud-based live production tool. From anywhere, using any device, production teams can enhance the broadcast using an array of graphical elements, overlays and audio commentary.

Customers can also now access Spiideo Play’s unique monetization opportunities. Prices can be set for each event or users can create game packages to encourage fans to purchase additional streams. Likewise, utilizing CloudStudio’s graphics and video overlay tools, broadcasters can provide sponsors with further incentives to generate additional revenue.

Like with any Spiideo setup, customers have full control over how the footage they capture is distributed. Fans can access events directly through Spiideo’s dedicated game pages without unnecessary sign-ups and log-ins that disrupt the viewing experience. Alternatively, through RTMP/SRT, users can output the feed to third-party services, whether social networks or their own dedicated streaming platform.

A single setup for all your sports video needs

Portable SmartCam users can now experience the full power of Spiideo through their mobile setup. Powered by a single camera, customers can access both Spiideo Play and Spiideo Perform, the complete sports video analysis solution for coaches, analysts and players.

Media rights holders using Spiideo Play can purchase Spiideo Perform licenses to share with their partner clubs. With broadcast footage instantly available within the analysis platform, providing access to Spiideo’s analysis tools can enhance team performance and support player development, improving the quality on display during broadcasts.

Likewise, those already utilizing the Portable SmartCam for video analysis are just a reliable connection and Spiideo Play subscription away from unlocking a new way to connect with and monetize fans.

A flexible live streaming companion, suitable for any situation

Spiideo’s camera range is designed to serve a variety of customers, from teams and leagues to schools and universities, sports facilities and media companies. Whether to capture additional views, to stream across multiple spaces, or to capture away events, the Portable SmartCam provides versatility to Spiideo Play customers.

The mobile solution is designed for great flexibility and can capture a range of sports without the need for a human camera operator, such as soccer, ice hockey, basketball, handball and many other sports. Spiideo’s market-leading AutoFollow technology has been specifically developed for each sport to ensure the camera captures the most interesting moments of play.

Customers can connect via 4G, WiFi or Ethernet, and power their setup using the built-in battery or through power supply. As long as a robust internet connection is available, the Portable SmartCam can be utilized for a variety of use cases.

Those interested in Spiideo’s mobile solution can experience it in action at this year’s Gothia Cup, the world’s largest youth sports event. With thousands of fixtures taking place across its football, handball and floorball tournaments, Portable SmartCams will be used alongside fixed Spiideo cameras to capture and stream footage to the event’s dedicated live streaming platform, providing fans with access to more fixtures and additional views. All at a high production level.

Bring the full power of Spiideo, anywhere you go


  • AutoFollow (no manual camera operator)
  • For a wide range of sports
  • Broadcast quality production
  • Enhance broadcast from anywhere with CloudStudio
  • Monetization opportunities
  • Flexible distribution via Spiideo Play FULL and RTMP/SRT
  • Full performance analysis platform in Spiideo Perform
  • Real-time access to full panorama and AutoFollow video for analysis