Video Analysis & Streaming: IFK Stocksund’s Sustainable Youth Academy Approach

When it comes to the development of young footballers, it’s no secret that there are challenges for coaches trying to balance the joys of the game with improvement for their players. But one club that has a clear vision of how to reach this goal is IFK Stocksund – based in Stockholm, IFK Stocksund is a football academy with a goal to develop talented players. Their sustainable approach for both coaching and player development drives their philosophies on and off the pitch.

Staying on top of football education

The foundation of IFK Stocksund rests on two pillars. The first is having great coaches to lead and an environment that is both fun and effective.

At Stocksund we have strong management, committed parents, and highly educated coaches that focus on the players’ development – that’s what makes us somewhat unique as an academy in Sweden

Jörgen Åker Team Manager for IFK Stocksund G17

The second is having support from sports technology in their coaching. Having both quality in coaching and professional tech is fundamental to every academy, Jörgen Åker says.

When a club utilizes technology like Spiideo, it can both attract players and give them value in their individual development.

We always record matches. Afterward, I sit down to analyze the game and make a presentation of situations and highlights that the team will go through during our video analysis sessions

Simon Olsson Head Coach G17

During the video analysis sessions, we highlight important game situations from different angles to improve the player understanding of both the specific situation – and the game in general. The recording is always accessible on Spiideo Cloud and the players use this opportunity to dig deeper into the game, by their own accord

When the players have access to video clips & analysis they get a deeper understanding and become more engaged in the game. It’s a win-win situation for us

Jörgen Åker Team Manager for IFK Stocksund G17
IFK Stocksund Match Analysis

One Camera System for Analysis & Streaming

Besides using Spiideo Perform for automatic recording and analysis, IFK Stocksund was one of the first teams in Sweden to stream their matches during the COVID-19 restrictions.

By using the existing Spiideo cameras system without the need of a camera operator the club can stream matches via Spiideo Play to fans, family, and supporters in a cost-effective way and also earn revenue for the club.

Our matches have commentators, a live scoreboard and during halftime, we have interviews with the players. It feels like a real TV-broadcast

Simon Olsson Head Coach G17

The opportunity to broadcast has grown during this world-wide pandemic. Supporters and family now have the chance to both follow the team and contribute with a small amount of money.

The value of this broadcast is great for both sides – supporters & family are able to help the team and the support makes the team play better

Jörgen Åker Team Manager for IFK Stocksund G17
IFK Stocksund Play