Spiideo Perform x Spiideo Play: How can video analysis assist your next live sports stream?

What is Spiideo? A video analysis system? A sports streaming platform? It’s both. Utilizing Spiideo’s core solutions can provide additional value, regardless of how your organization primarily uses our technology.

Spiideo Play and Spiideo Perform offer different uses and solve different challenges. The former enables automated live sports streaming capabilities for leagues, federations, clubs, and media providers. The latter automates the capture of footage to assist coaches and players in their analysis and development efforts. Both solutions, however, generate valuable footage and data that can be used to support both purposes.

With the flexibility of Spiideo’s technology, customers don’t have to choose between one platform or the other. Both of these products rely on the same core camera technology to automate the capture of footage at training grounds and venues, integrating directly through the cloud with Spiideo Play and Spiideo Perform. Once the camera system is in place for one product, bringing the other into play is as simple as purchasing a license.

Creating additional value for your partners

Spiideo’s media partners, such as Minnesota-based marketing company Itasca Marketing, realized how Spiideo Perform can assist their live streaming efforts.

Spiideo partnered with Itasca to equip more than 50+ arenas across Minnesota with Spiideo’s automated camera system. And in January 2021 alone, Itasca streamed 10,000+ hours of youth ice hockey games to fans using Spiideo Play.

Spiideo’s technology appealed to Itasca thanks to its ability to create live streams without the need for manual camera operators that consumed limited time and resources. With the ability to schedule events in advance, capture broadcast quality footage, and stream it to fans in real-time, Spiideo Play ticked all the boxes for the media provider.

However, alongside access to Spiideo Play, Itasca also purchased 20 subscriptions to Spiideo Perform, which they have offered to their partner arenas. With a Spiideo Perform license, teams can make use of Spiideo’s advanced performance analysis tools using the same camera setup that is being used to live stream games.

By offering Spiideo Perform subscriptions alongside its live streaming capabilities, Itasca has made itself the go-to for ice hockey and other youth sports in Minnesota —not just for fans hoping to catch a game, but also for clubs looking for reliable footage to analyze.

iPad, TV and iPhone showing Spiideo's Platform

Making full use of Spiideo’s solutions

Spiideo’s broadcast customers can share footage with their partner clubs through the Spiideo League Exchange. This allows coaches and analysts to view the broadcast footage, in Virtual Panorama, from any game through the cloud to support their scouting and analysis efforts.

One of Spiideo’s strengths is the sheer amount of footage that is captured by the automated camera setups, which are typically made up of numerous cameras dotted around a venue.

With full access to Spiideo Perform, clubs are free to watch footage from any angle captured by the camera setup, and zoom and pan to view specific areas of the playing surface. Coaches can make use of a comprehensive suite of tools, features, and data, including the ability to tag footage and create presentations, to add quality and detail to their analysis and feedback.

There is a clear incentive to support the teams they work with to grow, learn and develop. With access to the right tools, these clubs will only get stronger, providing more exciting gameplay and attracting a greater number of fans to its streams.

Along with first-teams using Spiideo Perform to analyze match and training footage, Spiideo Play gives all clubs an opportunity to stream their youth and academy games. Because we have the cameras installed league-wide, the clubs can set up youth and academy streams with a few clicks.

Arnar Vidarsson Technical Director, FA of Iceland

The future of sports recording

Looking ahead, we see a number of ways that data captured through one platform could be used to enhance the other. Footage captured in Spiideo Play, for instance, could be used to generate highlight reels. Not only would this be incredibly useful for fan engagement, but the same clips – already tagged by the Cloud Studio operator – could provide immediate, effortless access to important footage for coaches to utilize.

At Spiideo, we recognize that the footage and data captured in Spiideo Play holds value not just for broadcasters, but clubs and their coaches too, and the same can be said for Spiideo Perform having value for broadcasters.

Likewise, there is also potential for Spiideo’s AI-based cameras to capture key match statistics, such as shots, goals, passes, corners, and more, to offer customers a complete breakdown of play within the Spiideo Perform platform. This will assist coaches in evaluating performance, but we also envision numerous ways that this data could be used to enhance the quality of Spiideo Play broadcasts too, whether in the form of graphic overlays or information for commentators to call upon.

Of course, we created Spiideo Play and Spiideo Perform to serve two unique purposes. Yet, the data captured by each platform can already complement the other. And with time, the benefits of a complete Spiideo setup will only grow.