Live stream all your sport events without any camera operator

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This is how it works. AI replacing the camera operator.

 Spiideo’s intelligent camera system and cloud platform automatically captures the entire field at all times.  With the AI game tracker there is no need to have a camera operator recording the game. The intelligent Spiideo software automatically sees where the action is. As a viewer you will see the most interesting sequences, just like if a professional camera team would be there filming the game. 

This is how how easy it is!

Schedule the game in a browser. It will take you less than a minute.

Share the game page on your web and social media channels.

Earn revenue from Pay-per-view and promote your sponsors

When scheduling the game you have the possibility to select how you like to price the game towards viewers. During this process you can also pick which of your sponsors you like to promote for this game.

Take the viewing experience to the next level with Cloud Studio

Spiideo Play offers great flexibility for your production. You can either rely fully on the automatic production or take control, and bring the viewing experience to the next level with Cloud Studio.

Easy self installation of camera system

Spiideo Play camera system is designed to be easy to install. You don’t need any power cables. Just connect your network cable and the camera system powers up and connects to the Spiideo Play cloud. No need for any additional computers. Just Plug and Play.

Automatic Live-streaming

Live and direct video stream in your web browser

AI Game Tracker

Automatically follows the game play eliminating the need of a camera operator


Automatic production and live streaming of multiple types of sport

Payment integration

Monetize your live stream with Pay-per-view

Sponsor slots

Expose your sponsors and generate new business

Cloud Studio

Take control of the production and bring the viewing experience to a new level

Automatic Scoreboard

Automatic integration of the arena scoreboard

All Cloud

Full cloud solution. No on premises servers, always the latest software.

Weather Resistant

Live stream with great quality regardless of weather and lighting conditions

Live streaming sports has never been easier