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With Spiideo’s 4K sport cameras installed on your court, video recording is always available. For training and match- it’s always there, it’s always ready. The footage and data are automatically stored in the cloud and accessible live from any­where using your mobile device or computer. The system also enables a new set of fan experiences, e.g. with automatic broadcasting of matches without the need of a camera operator.

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An in action image of a basketball game

Spiideo IS one important tool to correct players, to improve players, and to learn about what we are doing on the court. You don’t want to rely only on gut feeling. You want to have evidence

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Thorsten Leibenath Sports Director, Ratiopharm Ulm
View from the sideline of a basketball court, players in action

The complete Basketball video solution

• Panoramic view with multi-angle capture

• AI AutoFollow game tracker

• Analysis and telestration tools

• Live streaming platform


iPad and iPhone showing a game breakdown of a basketball match with highlights and drawings
A panoramic view of a Basketball court with players in action, and endzones

I think the system itself is very intuitive, it’s user friendly, and I really like the fact there’s multiple levels to how you can engage with the system

Patrick O´Neill Head Coach Ulster University Women’s Team