From youth to pro teams, Spiideo is trusted by thousands of clubs and leagues across the world, including Serie A, Bundesliga, Premier League, NWSL, MLS, USL and more.

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Automated recording, analysis and broadcast of games and practice

The powerful cloud platform that empowers you with automated recording, powerful analysis, and live streaming tools. It can be used during games as well as during practice sessions.

Spiideo devices

Video capture

• No camera operator needed
• Capture the entire pitch in 4K
• Start recording with one click


• Live stream any game to the fans
• Earn revenue from pay-per-view
• Promote your sponsors

Video analysis

• Individual and team feedback tools
• AutoData player and game event tracking
• Tactical views and overlays
Person with laptop looking at sports video.
Spiideo's Virtual Panorama allows you to move the camera and see any detail at any time

if you’re trying to evaluate a player, it’s not just what they’re doing on the ball. You want to be able to see them at all times

AJ Barnold Performance Analyst, US Women’s Soccer Team
For every stage of your workflow

Save time and effort

Automate video recording and get instant access to high-quality footage for more effective coaching.

Capture everything on the field, regardless of where it happens. Move around and zoom in on any details you want.

At any time, any way you’d like.

Laptop with video analysis software.
The future of analytics

AutoData: Soccer LIVE

Provides game event data and individual player tracking data live, continuously during the entire recording.

spiideo autodata game panels
Soccer game with drawings for performance analaysis.
Spiideo Perform with AI assisted drawing tools

We chose Spiideo because it offered an easy to use all-in-one platform that could enhance our analysis work

Euan Blonding Analyst, Livingston FC
Person in stands on arena analyzing a game.
A solution that works for you


Spiideo’s flexible and powerful cloud platform is trusted by thousands of clubs, all the way from the Premier League to the local grassroots.

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Spiideo’s intelligent camera system and cloud platform automatically capture the entire field at all times. With the AI game tracker, there is no need to have a camera operator recording the game.

The intelligent Spiideo software automatically sees where the action is. As a viewer, you will see the most interesting sequences, just like if a professional camera team would be there filming the game.

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Person with laptop looking at sports video.

we’re able to instantly share match footage to all teams through Spiideo’s cloud based league exchange.

Arnar Vidarsson Technical Director, FA of Iceland
Spiideo for Soccer/Football

The key benefits

  • Automated capture
  • Performance Analysis with AutoData
  • Full Broadcast platform
  • League Exchange
  • Cloud-based
  • Live/Instant access
  • Sharing and collaboration made easy