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With Spiideo’s 4K sports cameras installed on your arena, video recording is always available. For training and match- it’s always there, it’s always ready. There is no longer a need for manual camera handling, no camera operator, no hassle with cables and video files. The footage and data are automatically stored in the cloud and accessible live from anywhere using your mobile device or computer.

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Automated recording, analysis and broadcast of games and practice

Spiideo devices for handball

The powerful cloud platform that empowers you with automated recording, powerful analysis, and live streaming tools. It can be used during games as well as during practice sessions.

If you want a tool for all your needs, it’s Spiideo you should choose. Having both streaming and analysis tools provide a broadness that no other tool has. Players have access to insight while grandparents have the opportunity to follow matches remotely.

Mads Fredriksen CEO, Elverum handball
Case study

Elverum Handball

You have the opportunity to see everything from different camera angles, both opponents, yourself, or other teammates to get a deeper analysis of the game

Mads Fredriksen CEO, Elverum Handball