Handball video recording and analysis – now easier and more convenient than ever

With Spiideo’s 4K sports cameras installed on your arena, video recording is always available. For training and match- it’s always there, it’s always ready. There is no longer a need for manual camera handling, no camera operator, no hassle with cables and video files. The footage and data are automatically stored in the cloud and accessible live from anywhere using your mobile device or computer.

How it works

The cameras in the Spiideo system will record your matches and practices from multiple angles, allowing you to view all details of the game. The system will also provide you with a high resolution, from the endzone camera to the virtual panorama view of the entire field. All videos are delivered in 4K resolution, with full-time synchronization between all video streams. The cameras are outdoor-ready and rugged to withstand tough weather conditions.

All recordings are stored on Spiideo’s cloud servers, you no longer need to worry about the handling of video files, storage etc. Your videos can be viewed during the recording or after, on your iPad, iPhone or via a web browser. Using the Spiideo system, you can make the material available to your entire team or other coaches. It is also possible to download videos locally if you wish to use them in other tools for analysis. With Spiideo cameras at your arena, it also becomes very easy to provide live broadcasting of all your sports events with Spiideo Play

Spiideo feature examples

Virtual panorama system

With Spiideo Virtual Panorama System a data model of the playfield is created, where the coach without limitation can control a ”virtual” camera in the scene. This provides a unique possibility to view and follow a play across the entire field, also in cases where there is very limited physical space to mount cameras.

Handball video analysis softwareHandball video analysis program Handball video analysis appHandball tactical analysis
Handball video analysis softwareHandball video analysis program Handball video analysis appHandball tactical analysis

AI game tracking – automatically analyses and follows the play

The Spiideo system automatically follows the game & players, like a virtual camera operator. The Spiideo telestrator tool allows you to draw directly on the footage from the training or match. The tool takes the performance analysis to the next level and it gives a great advantage when analyzing the game. Together with tagging for quick navigation in the video material, coaches and analysts can directly in the footage visualize and demonstrate on-screen with lines and arrows for efficient feedback to players.

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