Scale your automatic production


How do you cover hundreds or 
thousands of venues 
at the same time?

Invest in cameras that are easy to install and can grow with your business. Go for a solution that offers a flexible solution for all types of setups, both near field and far field like Spiideos camera system solutions.

An advantage of cloud-connected cameras is that they are always live, so they can capture the action at any time. In addition to capturing all games effortlessly and communicating with various data sources, producing high-quality viewing experiences with dynamic graphics, having flexible outputs, and automating the entire process from beginning to end, the solution must have cloud-based capabilities.

What infrastructure and on-site staffing 
are required for autocasting?

You only need reliable internet connectivity to get started. One ethernet cable is all that’s needed to fully operate the Spiideo cloud-connected cameras. More or less all on-site presence can be eliminated using cloud-based automation.

Maintenance is minimized because the entire fleet of cameras is always up-to-date. In addition to minimizing the need for onsite staffing, complex cable and hardware installations are no longer required. A camera operator is not needed, no graphics are produced onsite, and no onsite logistics are involved.

How do you control the entire operation remotely?

Take full control of operations using an end-to-end cloud solution, with a full set of tools for autocasting at a large scale. Your operations should be run entirely through the cloud. Being able to monitor your entire fleet of cameras and instantly identify any potential problems makes autocasting much easier. CloudControl by Spiideo allows constant monitoring and streamlined management of the camera fleet.

Management of all teams, sponsors, and users must be easily accessible and available through one single platform, like CloudStudio by Spiideo.

How do you maintain high-quality production at scale?

Without any skilled human operators producing the games from the control room, you need event-driven production. Use a game-aware production system that controls camera behavior and graphical overlays, to produce the immersive viewing experience the fans demand.

Through Spiideo’s Storyboard, you can produce large-scale event-driven productions with custom and dynamic production run sheets. This next-generation automaton can be tailored to particular sports and competitions and set to run automatically for numerous scheduled matches. This allows production teams to autocast numerous games with the same high level of production quality that fans are used to seeing – but with significantly less human input required.