An inside look

Wake Forest Field Hockey Boosts Engagement Levels with Visual Tools

Through Spiideo's cutting-edge AI automated video technology

With its entire field hockey season taking place in the fall semester, Wake Forest University played an average of six games per month between August and November last year. In October, with the race to qualify for the NCAA Division I Championship in full swing, its student athletes took to the pitch four times in a seven day period. It’s a constant cycle of match preparation and play that leaves limited time in between to focus on individual development. 

However, with Spiideo on the sidelines, Wake Forest can dedicate more resources towards helping its athletes reach the highest level. Using Spiideo’s market-leading automated cameras, every training session, practice, and match is filmed in 4K quality from multiple points around the pitch — without a camera operator. With each feed stitched together, coaching staff can pan and zoom within a recording or switch between camera angles to get the best view of the action. When a closer look is required, additional footage can be recorded through an iPad device and is instantly available to review, tag, clip and present within Spiideo Perform.

I think with Spiideo their ability to really tighten up those particular nuances of the game and also see the topical view adds great value to their visual learning.

Jennifer Averill Head Coach, Wake Forest Field Hockey

With footage instantly available from anywhere through the cloud, no opportunity to share feedback and facilitate player development is missed. Whether slow motion replays to help players perfect specific actions, or highlight reels of their successes and shortcomings for guidance and motivation, Spiideo offers visual feedback allowing Wake Forest to compete at college field hockey’s highest level.

Watch the video below to learn how Jennifer Averill, head hockey coach, is using Spiideo to support Wake Forest’s athletes in fulfilling their potential: