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How to deliver feedback faster than ever using a cloud-based analysis solution

With Spiideo on the sidelines, last season saw UMass Lowell’s field hockey team record their best performance in the America East Conference since joining the NCAA Division I ranks in 2013. Using AI cameras, trained to understand the nuances of the sport, to automatically capture panoramic footage at the Wicked Blue athletic field, coaching staff were able to deliver visual feedback moments after a play occurred to put UMass on the front foot in every fixture.

But the feedback Spiideo provides doesn’t stop at the umpire’s whistle. Its cloud-based functionality has enabled UMass to hire a video analysis assistant who breaks down game footage remotely without being present at the field. With every important moment effortlessly available, coaches can use Spiideo’s powerful presentation tool to deliver engaging insight, enhanced by stats and graphics, that pushes players to reach the next level. Likewise, players can access Spiideo Perform, a powerful yet streamlined video analysis platform, to watch back their own plays from anywhere, at any time. With a few clicks, they can replay every pass, tackle, or shot they made in any game throughout the season.

We can give them instant feedback and they can also get instant feedback. This generation loves that instant gratification and Spiideo certainly helps provide that.

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Shannon LeBlanc Head Field Hockey Coach, UMass Lowell

Spiideo Perform offers colleges such as UMass a pro-level video analysis process, but without the challenges that typically comes with implementing a high-tech solution. Designed to provide an intuitive user experience, Spiideo enables anyone to access and analyze footage. By sweeping away the complexity of video capture, processing, and analysis, coaches and players can focus their energy on growing their game.

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