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How to keep up with the relentless college athletics schedule using automated broadcasting

With 15 teams competing across nine sports, there are few rest days for Dominican University’s athletics department. Once reliant on support from student volunteers to stream this packed schedule of events to family, friends and fans, the college has assigned Spiideo the role of camera operator to lighten the workload for the university’s broadcasting team.

Using Spiideo Play OTT, Spencer Shamo, the university’s Director of Game Operations and Communications, can schedule an entire season of events in minutes and know they will be broadcast automatically, regardless of the student support available. With Spiideo’s versatile cameras watching over Dominican’s soccer, lacrosse, basketball, softball and baseball venues, Spiideo’s sport-specific AutoFollow kicks into action at the start of play to keep the focus on the most interesting area of the pitch, field or court.

With less time spent searching for staff, Shamo has more time to dedicate to creating engaging broadcasts that keep fans on the edge of their seats. Spiideo’s CloudStudio provides a comprehensive, yet intuitive production studio that can be used through the cloud — meaning students can keep score and provide audio commentary from anywhere. Helping the NCAA Division 2 college to overcome its resource limitations, Spiideo Play has staked its claim as the MVP for Dominican’s broadcasting team.

One of the hardest parts of my job for many years has been getting staff for a game. Allowing me to schedule and not have to worry about someone being there, it’s a huge weight off my chest and a huge weight off our finances

Spencer Shamo Associate Director of Game Operations and Communications, Dominican University of California

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Spencer Shamo, Director of Game Operations, Dominican University x Spiideo