The 12th man for A.S. Roma’s video analysis department

Discover how the legendary Italian football club, A.S. Roma, went from a manual recording process to an automated video analysis workflow with Spiideo.

We are now more efficient, more fast, and the workflow is easier

Riccardo Terrinoni Video analyst, A.S. Roma

A.S. Roma, the legendary Italian club, has discovered the benefits of having an advanced video analysis solution.

The Serie A club uses Spiideo Perform to automate the capture and recording of footage across four of its training pitches, something that was previously achieved through manual processes. The setup records the entire field and uploads this footage straight to the cloud, ensuring first team and academy coaches have constant, effortless access to an abundance of video to aid them in fine-tuning tactics for the next match. Whether that’s formations, spacing, or any other number of tweaks that coaches are constantly making, the footage is now readily available.

Effective video capture & eliminating manual processes

Before implementing Spiideo, A.S. Roma relied on a largely manual process. For first-team video analyst Riccardo Terrinoni, this meant standing on the touchline with a camcorder during training sessions each and every day to capture the action.

Manually recording training presented a number of challenges. If coaches opted to split training sessions into smaller groups, for example, the analyst recording would have to decide where to focus the camera, and risk missing important moments of other sessions.

With only one camera in use, outfield play was typically the focus of attention, leaving goalkeeping coaches with a lack of footage to utilise. But now, Spiideo’s Virtual Panorama technology captures all areas of the field, ensuring coaches can view and analyse all players, no matter where they are, or what’s going on on the pitch.

Now, of course, we can record all the time, all of the exercises

Riccardo Terrinoni Video analyst, A.S. Roma

Focusing on video analysis

As well as benefiting coaches and players out on the training field, the improvement has also been significant in improving the efficiency of the club’s video analysis department.

Prior to implementing Spiideo, Riccardo would spend approximately 120 minutes each day on the sidelines capturing the training session. That means 10 hours – just a day’s work – each week. With the capture process automated, that time can now be utilised more effectively. Video analysts, freed from this additional role as a camera operator, can dedicate more time to gathering insight from the footage and better help the team to prepare and develop.

Further potential

A.S. Roma’s coaching staff are reaping the benefits of the Spiideo system. Analysts have a greater suite of tools at their disposal, coaches gain access to footage faster, and players benefit from more individualised analysis.

With Spiideo, the department can use all human resources in a better way

Riccardo Terrinoni Video analyst, A.S. Roma