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ANGLES: Autocast 2.0

A step up in automated sports broadcasting

In 2022, Spiideo coined the term ‘autocasting’ to describe the automation of the live broadcasting process.

Aiming to remove all friction from the role of camera operator, producer, director, and commentator with the support of artificial intelligence, Spiideo has taken another step forward in delivering seamless production capabilities and events that rival the traditional broadcast.

Now, Spiideo has marked the official transition to Autocast 2.0 by unveiling four game-changing developments that hand artificial intelligence a greater role in the production room, dramatically improve the visual and editorial quality of Spiideo Play productions, and bring fans closer to the game than ever before.

Multi-angle autocasting

Utilize a multi-camera setup to capture different angles of play. Feed output from one or multiple Spiideo camera systems, where each installed camera can produce multiple virtual outputs that focus on specific areas of the game, enhancing storytelling and engaging fans. Switch views seamlessly or hand AI complete control using sport-specific autocasting tools. AutoDirector for baseballand softball automatically switches to a camera capturing the home plate when each ball is played. Effortlessly managed through the all-new CloudStudio Next, a fully web-based and cloud-connected feed management platform that gives teams the choice: take the lead or give AI the armband in the production room.

Instant replays

Turn special moments into engaging highlight clips, offering fans a unique perspective of the moments they tune in for. Key events—marked by an operator or automatically pulled from data sources such as scoreboards, AutoData, or Spiideo’s event API— can be effortlessly replayed through an intuitive side panel within CloudStudio, handing operators improved creative control free from complexity. Fill pauses in play, show post-game highlight reels, and provide clarity with close-up views.

Micro X1

Spiideo’s smallest camera yet—measuring just 8 centimeters on its longest side—takes fans pitch-side. Supporting Spiideo’s range of market-leading panoramic cameras, the Micro X1 offers unique versatility. Its small size enables broadcasters to overcome space limitations and capture previously impossible angles. Capturing footage in up to 180 FPS, unlock slow-motion replays that bring the fans closer to the action.

AI AutoFollow gen3

Spiideo’s improved AutoFollow technology—trained to understand the game and follow the action—sets a new standard of accuracy and precision for sport-specific automated capture. It doesn’t just follow the ball; it identifies events and player behaviors to keep the camera trained on the area fans most want to see.

Special Event

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