CloudLink: Low Latency RTSP for Sports Analysis

Accelerating the delivery of Spiideo’s cloud-based and game-changing live footage. Cloud RTSP feed from Spiideo camera to third-party analysis software — instantly, as the action unfolds.

Connected with the high-speed action

At Spiideo, our goal is to enable coaches, players, broadcasters and fans to catch game-changing moments in any conditions, in high quality — and as soon as it occurs out on the field.

We have eliminated the manual elements of the video recording process using automated capture technology, reducing the time it takes to process and extract value from matchday and training footage. We’ve even removed the need to be onsite to capture and analyze every play. Likewise, we’ve made broadcast-quality live streams accessible to organizations of every stature, free from complexity and cost, to provide fans with live access to any event.

And now, Spiideo can provide these benefits to customers and fans alike faster than ever before.

For winning workflows

Keeping up with the high speed of play

In the past, analysts wasted hours manually recording, transferring and preparing footage, limiting their capacity to extract valuable insight, and delaying the delivery of match-winning feedback to coaches and players.

Now, with Spiideo’s AI-based camera system automatically uploading to the cloud, footage is always available. Through Spiideo Perform, Spiideo’s powerful and intuitive video analysis platform, users can watch, tag, clip and share footage almost instantly of it occurring out on the field. However, this wasn’t fast enough for exporting the video real-time to alternative analysis softwares.

We understand that many coaches are accustomed to particular tools and may not have time to get to grips with a new system during the relentless sports season, or reluctant to change the workflow for other reasons.

Providing the time-saving benefits of fully automated capture through Spiideo Perform, without limiting our customers’ options, we have made it possible for real-time feed footage directly into third-party platforms, such as Sportscode, without causing significant delay. This means that coaches and analysts will be able to live tag events in real-time, benefitting from the speed of delivery and high quality of Spiideo footage without overhauling their workflow.

No limits

Live footage over the cloud

Before footage captured by Spiideo’s automated camera systems can be played back, tagged, analyzed or broadcast, each frame first needs to be transferred from the camera to the display. Video latency refers to the amount of time it takes for this to occur.

With many of our customers using Spiideo technology to deliver feedback in real-time on the sidelines or broadcast games live to fans around the world, we understand that the change in a few seconds can make all the difference.

That’s why we’ve developed a new, lightning fast low latency feed in Spiideo Perform Pro+, which provides the same high-quality footage Spiideo users are used to, only now just seconds after it’s captured.

With the entire Spiideo ecosystem based in the cloud – meaning users are spared the inconvenience of setting up and maintaining cabled systems and local servers – users can live tag in their recordings without delay.