CloudControl: Monitor your fleet of cameras through one simple interface

At Spiideo, we want to make automated sports broadcasting as straightforward, pain-free, and beneficial to our customers as possible.

For Spiideo’s media broadcasting customers, automation now takes on the role of the camera operator, allowing them to capture and stream from their fleet of cameras without human direction.

Yet, as broadcasters begin to scale up their use of automation, some of the time and resources saved has been lost on the challenge of monitoring these systems in order for operations to run smoothly.

At Spiideo, we want to make automated sports broadcasting as straightforward, pain-free, and beneficial to our customers as possible. To simplify the monitoring of our automated camera setups, we have developed CloudControl, an easy-to-use interface that allows Spiideo customers to monitor each of their cameras from a single place and identify any potential issues effortlessly and remotely.

Introducing CloudControl: Streamlined camera fleet management

CloudControl, accessible through the Spiideo Play dashboard, provides organizations with a comprehensive overview of their networks of cameras through a single interface. Supported by data for each device, such as connection, number of outages in a 30 day period, upload health, next broadcast, last broadcast, and live status, organizations can gain a comprehensive snapshot of each camera’s health and status.

Warning symbols make it easy for customers to identify potential issues such as disconnected cameras or a struggling internet connection. Through their Spiideo Play account, each user can preselect incidents to be informed about. Should any of these events occur, the user will receive an email informing them of the issue, reducing the need for constant monitoring while ensuring attention is drawn to complications as they arise.

CloudControl is available to Spiideo Play customers now via their dashboard, while the feature will soon be made available to Spiideo Perform customers.

Uninterrupted live sports broadcasting

With numerous events to manage, often simultaneously, manpower can be spread thin on game days. Manually checking each setup is a time-consuming process that leaves little time to act should an issue arise.

CloudControl makes carrying out checks and spotting potential issues faster and simpler for Spiideo customers, providing a complete overview for all cameras in one place. Operating entirely through the cloud, without any additional local servers or systems, broadcasters can gather all of the information they need from a single place to confirm whether a stream is likely to run smoothly.

Rather than waiting for a broadcast to start only to discover that a camera is inaccessible, customers can perform a check before a stream goes live, providing time to fix the issue, delay the broadcast, or move to a different playing field.

However, CloudControl won’t only offer valuable insight on game days. With access to more data, customers will be able to diagnose and address a greater number of issues that can ruin a broadcast. A high number of outages, for instance, may indicate connectivity issues that need to be addressed with the internet service provider to avoid delays and disruptions that impact the fan experience.

Mission control for sports broadcasters

At Spiideo, we want to give our customers full control over their broadcast through one streamlined platform. Soon, CloudControl will enable Spiideo Play users to drill further down into their feeds and keep a closer watch over the footage captured and data generated as an event unfolds.

These tools are useful to all Spiideo users – providing a more complete view of each and every Spiideo-powered camera – but are critical to those with hundreds, if not thousands of cameras that fans rely on to keep them connected.

At Spiideo, we want to make the transition to automated broadcasting simple. Get in touch to find out.