Enriching the Spiideo Play viewing experience with video overlays

CloudStudio - Spiideo’s cloud-based sports production studio - empowers sports clubs, leagues and media companies to live stream events from anywhere, using game clocks, scoreboards, graphical overlays and audio commentary to enhance the production for watching fans. The feature-rich tool enables organizations of all sizes to produce engaging, broadcast quality live streams - and we are constantly exploring new ways to elevate the viewing experience.

Now, Spiideo Play has taken another step towards replicating traditional sport broadcasting with the release of the new video overlays feature, which add the ability to upload and broadcast unique video content during a live-streamed event.

Enrich your live stream with pre-recorded video clips

Using CloudStudio’s video overlays, Spiideo Play users can populate their live streams with additional, pre-recorded video clips that they can push to viewers at any moment to enrich the fan experience – whether broadcasting from the venue or remotely using CloudStudio Anywhere.

When a clip is played, the overlay replaces the live video and audio stream, just like a commercial during a televised production. Once the clip ends, the broadcast automatically cuts back to the live footage being captured through Spiideo’s automated camera system.

Like with CloudStudio’s graphical overlay feature, Spiideo Play users can upload the video content they intend to show ahead of a stream. Once processed, the file will appear in CloudStudio’s ‘video overlay’ panel, ready to share with the audience.

Getting started with CloudStudio video overlays

Available now, all users can begin uploading video content via the new ‘media assets’ tab on the Spiideo Play platform. Simply select the file you wish to broadcast, add a title and hit ‘upload’.

As the upload process takes place, users can check a file’s status via the ‘date added’ column. Uploaded videos will undergo a short processing procedure and, once complete, the user can preview the video to see how it will appear to viewers during a live event.

Using Spiideo Play’s media uploader, customers can upload videos in mp4 formats and upload files up to 1GB, but larger files will take longer to upload and process.

Once uploaded, the video is made available in CloudStudio, where you select the clip you wish to broadcast, and sit back as the video plays.

Enhanced production that benefits clubs, fans and sponsors

Using Spiideo Play’s streamlined and intuitive production studio, any organization can produce broadcast quality live streams that engage fans and encourage sponsors. With video overlays, that task just became far easier.

Video overlays add greater depth to Spiideo Play’s production capabilities and allow users to get creative with the type of content they share. For instance, teams can create intro and outro clips to mark the start and end of a stream that increase production value, or show memorable moments from previous fixtures to keep fans engaged ahead of play. Interviews with players and coaches, fan-generated content, clips captured around the stadium and much more — There are abundant opportunities to enhance the production, connect with fans, and encourage them to tune in for future events.

Greater viewership numbers means more revenue from stream purchases, as well as greater incentive for sponsors to work with your organization. But video overlays also offer new commercial opportunities to explore. Bringing sports live streaming closer to traditional television broadcasting, video overlays allow Spiideo Play customers to monetize breaks in play by sharing sponsored content and advertisements with highly-engaged fans.

Elevate your live streams and rival top-level broadcasters with video overlays, available now to all Spiideo Play customers. Begin uploading your stream-enriching clips today, or reach out to your account manager to learn more!