Gothia Cup partners with Spiideo to automate production for 6000+ games over 3 tournaments

Gothia Cup and Spiideo will deploy 40+ automated fixed camera systems and Spiideo Portable SmartCams across the Gothia Cup, Partille Cup, and Gothia Floorball Cup to produce professional broadcasts of matches for fans from 80+ countries.

Spiideo and Gothia Cup are pleased to announce a new broadcasting partnership for the largest youth sports tournaments in the world.

Gothia Cup will use Spiideo’s automated production tools to broadcast thousands of matches with professional graphics, insightful match data, and commentary on select fields. Matches will be available in the Gothia Cup and website, where all broadcasts will be available to watch live and after the match has concluded.

This partnership will help us in our journey in broadcasting more games and at a higher quality than has been possible before. Being able to offer supporters and fans over 6000 games, in three different sports, this first year is just truly amazing.

Niclas Freiholtz Competition General, Gothia Cup

This new partnership will empower fans from teams in the tournaments to engage and watch the broadcasts for their favorite teams. By eliminating manual filming of matches, Gothia Cup is able to expand – in the first year –  their number of broadcasts to 1620 matches during the Gothia Cup tournament, 2720 matches during the Partille Cup (Handball), and 1500 matches during the Gothia Floorball Cup. 

“Gothia Cup is not only the premier youth tournament in Sweden, but the world. We’re thrilled to partner with them to broadcast the thousands of matches they put on every year,” comments Spiideo CEO & Co-Founder, Patrik Olsson. “Automated production is unlocking the ability to produce games at scale, making professional livestreams and broadcasts available that otherwise would require large investments, manual camera operators, and manual producers.” 

Spiideo’s cloud-based platform will automatically produce and livestream all of the games with high quality without the need for any human camera operators. 

The Gothia Cup will take place from July 17th to the 23rd in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Partille Cup will take place July 4-9 and the Gothia Floorball Cup will be held in January 5-8, 2023

About Gothia

Gothia Cup is the world’s largest and most international youth football tournament, organized in Gothenburg, Sweden annually since 1975. Every year about 35 000 participants, representing more than 1700 teams from about 80 countries meet and share the joy of football during a week.

About Spiideo

Spiideo delivers astonishingly simple, powerful, and innovative solutions to the global sports community that shape the future of sports video production, analysis, and consumption.

Spiideo’s fixed and mobile camera systems for both indoor and outdoor sports, feature automatic recording, AutoFollow, and virtual panorama technology that integrates directly with both Spiideo Perform and Spiideo Play. 

By living in Spiideo, sports organizations and media-rights holders are able to eliminate manual filming processes, analyze the performance in a single platform, share footage from the cloud, and automate streaming. More than 2,000 organizations are currently using Spiideo, including teams in the Premier League, NHL, Serie A, MLS, NBA, Ligue 1, NCAA, and Bundesliga. Spiideo’s solution is also used by customers such as the USL, NWSL, Sweden’s Allsvenskan, Iceland’s Pepsi Max League, Denmark’s Metalligen, and various media-rights holders throughout both Europe and North America. 

Spiideo was founded in Malmö, in the south of Sweden, in 2012. Since then, the company has expanded and now has international offices in the UK, US, China, & Germany.