Rewind the clock with instant replays in Spiideo Play

What’s one of the things live game experiences can’t match compared to a broadcast? To replay the best moment right after they happened.

Instant Replays in Spiideo Play

How did the ball cross the line? Was there foul play in the build-up? And who provided the assist? Rarely does the live moment satisfy the full experience of great moments. They have to be replayed to enhance the emotions from the game, to capture the full drama and to tell the whole story better.

Instant replays are crucial to the narrative of a sports event, giving fans a clearer view of awe-inspiring plays and the chance to rewatch the remarkable moments that they tune in for—and they’re now available with the click of a button within CloudStudio Next.

A step up in storytelling

Raising the level of Spiideo Play’s storytelling capabilities, users can now replay key moments—manually captured using CloudStudio’s tagging and clipping features or automatically created by external data sources such as AutoData and Spiideo’s event API—to built in-game excitement, fill pauses in play, and keep fans engaged as they await the next quarter.

Moments after an action occurs live, highlight clips can be accessed through the ‘instant replay’ sidebar in the new and improved CloudStudio Next production tool. Select your clip, choose the perfect angle, and share it with viewing fans.

Replays enter and exit the screen with a sleek transition, entirely customizable to match the league, competition, or broadcaster’s branding, delivering a pro-level broadcast that keeps fans’ attention firmly fixed on the field of play.

Autocast with engaging content, on all levels

Instant replays mark another step forward for Spiideo in its efforts to streamline the broadcasting experience. Our goal is to provide a modern, efficient, and effortless way for broadcasters to produce engaging live events and achieve profitability at all levels of play, without sacrificing the high production value that draws in viewers.

With Spiideo Play, broadcasting— autocasting—becomes a team effort, with automation offering a helping hand to human operators in the production room. With AI cutting clips at Olympic-worthy speeds, human teams can focus on delivering playmaker-worthy performances, using instant replays and Spiideo Play’s suite of production tools to showcase their creative side and captivate the crowd.

Want to see this in action?

Learn more by rewatching the launch event ANGLES: Autocast 2.0