Introducing AutoData™ to Spiideo Perform: the world’s only video analysis platform with automated live tagging and player tracking

Making the next generation of leading edge AI technology widely available, Spiideo once again transforms the sports video analysis process.

How? AutoData™ automatically generates live data from live empowering Spiideo Perform users to effortlessly extract clips, data, stats, events, and insights to drive opposition analysis, tactical planning and player development. In other words, the difference between winning and losing.

From AS Roma to Ohio State to top youth clubs, Spiideo’s analysis tools have made it possible for organizations to implement a powerful and efficient video analysis setup. By adding AutoData™ to Spiideo Perform, the highest level of video analysis capability is now available to teams and leagues around the world.

Spiideo AutoData stats

Player tracking & game breakdown: Automated live game data

These advancements to Spiideo’s player tracking technology means that with a Spiideo camera installed, you can now automatically capture game event data and individual player tracking data live and continuously throughout soccer matches.

As the game unfolds, the player tracking technology captures a range of data, including game events such as goals, shots, corners, or cards; individual player statistics such as distance covered, high-intensity runs, and run speeds; as well as precise positional data.

Spiideo Perform subscribers, regardless of their subscription level, can now purchase AutoData™ breakdowns for any soccer game recorded using Spiideo.

With the entire data capture process handled by the Spiideo, there is no need for additional hardware such as GPS tracking vests. Unlike GPS data systems, also the opposition player data and video is captured e.g for future opposition scouting and analysis.

Customers can also choose to enable player tracking & game breakdown after the final whistle sounds simply by ordering it through their Spiideo Perform account.

Automated, live & affordable: Making data accessible to all

Data is increasingly being used to provide soccer clubs with a competitive edge out on the field, assisting teams with their player scouting and transfer dealings, and reducing the risk of injury and exertion among the playing squad. Coupled with video captured through Spiideo, game data is a powerful source of insight for coaches and managers.

The world’s biggest clubs, leagues & competitions are already capturing ample game data. However, AutoData™ seeks to make data available for any game played, regardless of the size of the organizations involved, their level in the sporting pyramid, or the competition being played.

And it’s entirely automated. This means that – unlike other providers – no human data collectors are required to watch the game as it unfolds. As a result, AutoData™ can offer match data at a scale that has never been achieved before, with no limitations caused by a lack of available analysts. With player tracking & game breakdown, Spiideo customers can request data for any game, played at any time, anywhere in the world.


By improving affordability, we are making it possible for smaller teams that may not be able to afford to work with costly, manual providers, to enjoy the benefits of data.

Additionally, the elite level can benefit from Spiideo’s data collection feature, whether to collect data on youth- and secondary teams without a substantial increase in cost, or simply for the convenience of having an additional data source available at the click of a button.

How AutoData™ Enhances the Spiideo Perform toolset

Once captured, data is automatically paired with correlating video footage and becomes instantly available through the Spiideo Perform experience. Paired together, it becomes far easier for coaches to effectively use the data and video.

Users can use Data Explorer, Spiideo Perform’ search engine for sports video and data, to easily navigate the captured data based on intricate search parameters. With positional data now available, users can search for shots taken by a particular player in the opposition penalty box, for instance, and instantly receive a list of filtered clips.

Data Explorer

With less time spent searching for the right footage, coaches can spend more time analyzing play, creating powerful presentations through Spiideo’s video analysis tools, and working with the team to improve their game.

Collecting sports data just became easier, accessible, and affordable — Soccer clubs can begin collecting automatic game data through Spiideo today! To get access to AutoData™ reach out to your Spiideo account managerNew to Spiideo? Get in touch below: