Introducing Data Explorer: A search engine for your live sports data & video

Data Explorer is essentially a search engine for all of your sports video and data that you keep in Spiideo. Now, Spiideo Perform customers can create quick search queries using the tags in their accounts.

Greater access to data is pushing sports to the next level. From the world’s leading sporting teams to universities to youth sports clubs, organizations are investing significantly in data capture and analysis. But, for sports to truly extract value from its data, it must be paired with video. On paper, ten shots on goal is better than five, but video is necessary to complete the picture. Those ten shots may have been taken from the halfway line, for instance, while the five may have been taken within the 18-yard box.

With the launch of Data Explorer, it is now straightforward for customers to pair all their sports data and footage together in one platform, and easily navigate it to extract truly valuable insight.

Data Explorer: Effortless sports video search

Data Explorer is essentially a search engine for all of your sports video and data that you keep in Spiideo. Now, Spiideo Perform customers can create quick search queries using the tags in their account. Based on the tags selected, matching clips are instantly compiled and listed for the user to view, analyse, and share, for instance, in Spiideo presentations.

Users can combine tags to dig down into their footage and instantly access the clips and data that they require. Searching for a player’s name and ‘goals’ will instantly show you all goals scored by that specific player, for instance.

Data Explorer will enable customers to search through the thousands of tags that have been added to their game and training footage either manually by coaches or generated automatically by Spiideo’s AI-based tagging technology. (more on that below)

However, we also understand that many coaches are accustomed to particular tools and processes, or (despite Spiideo Perform’s intuitive design) lack the time to get to grips with a new tagging system. To avoid creating silos that limit the options available to Spiideo customers, Data Explorer has been designed to work with data imported from external tagging tools. This means that coaches can continue to use their preferred tagging solution without losing access to Spiideo’s extensive search, analysis and collaboration tools.

Extract greater insight in less time

With many Spiideo Perform customers in sport’s lower levels expressing that a lack of time and resources available to them to make full use of video analysis, Data Explorer will allow them to compile sequences of clips effortlessly. With less time spent searching for the footage they need, coaches can spend more time in Spiideo Perform’s powerful presentation tool, preparing the clips to share with their colleagues and players.

As a coach with limited time, Data Explorer will save hours and hours of searching through tags to find just the right clip. We can spend more time coaching and working with our players instead of worrying about the process.

Laura Jackson Head Coach, University of Kansas Women’s Soccer

Once a filtered list of clips has been generated, the user can e.g. view the clips (making full use of Spiideo’s panoramic view), save it as a smart clip collection to watch back at a later time, or send it to Spiideo’s presentation tool for further analysis.

With events tagged live during a game instantly searchable through Data Explorer, it’s now an effortless process for coaches to find clips while on the touchline or leading a training session, creating opportunities to share feedback and footage with players immediately during breaks in play, when an event is still fresh in their minds.

Spiideo Data explorer

Intertwining video and data through Spiideo Perform

The initial version of Data Explorer is now available to Spiideo Perform customers, and will simplify the analysis workflow for coaches. In addition, development is already underway to further improve the feature

These new features will take data capture capabilities beyond basic game events, Data Explorer will provide greater insight into physical player performance and movement. Captured by AI-based tracking technology, customers will soon have access to a wealth of new data, automatically paired with captured footage. Then, customers won’t be limited to compiling clips based on match events such as shots, goals, and passes. Instead, Data Explorer will allow coaches to drill down into their footage based on the time and place and event occurs, and more.

With coming updates, customers will be able to view and explore this data live as a game unfolds through interactive and dynamic charts displayed within Spiideo Perform’s recording and live-tagging tools.

Already now, though, Spiideo Perform PRO PLUS subscribers can begin to explore the early benefits offered by Data Explorer.

Don’t have Spiideo Perform PRO PLUS? Reach out to your regional sales manager to learn more or upgrade your subscription.