The new Spiideo Micro X1

Capture the impossible angles with the most versatile compact camera

Achieving the impossible. Innovating beyond standards.

That’s what sport and technology is all about and what drives our every move at Spiideo. The Micro X1 is the latest addition to our range of industry-leading sports video capture solutions, designed to push beyond the limits of what was previously possible.

A plug-and-play, cloud-powered camera that is small in size — measuring just 3 inches (8 centimeters) on its longest side and the standard ¼” female mount fits any 3rd party mount available — that can capture views previously impossible with AI automated solutions, providing pinpoint assistance to any Spiideo setup.

The Micro X1 hasn’t been built to perform a particular role. It’s designed to offer versatility. Whether indoors or outdoors, in a high-capacity stadium or court with limited space, this compact camera will perform. It’s waterproof, weatherproof, and equipped to capture the action in any environment, from any angle imaginable, close to the action.

A big impact from a small camera

Enhancing Spiideo’s range of fixed and portable camera solutions, Spiideo’s new Micro X1 camera enables customers to create tailored solutions to any capture challenge, including one of the biggest barriers clubs, venues, and broadcasters contest with — space limitations.

Free from bulky equipment and mounts, the Micro X1 can be placed in restricted areas to capture difficult angles. In the goal, at the bench, behind the net, or inside the batting cage. No area at the venue is out of bounds.

With every camera feed stitched together in a single recording, users can switch between views with a single click to find the best angle of every important moment.

Capturing the action in up to 180 FPS, the Micro X1 creates the opportunity for ultra-slow motion replays that take users closer to the action, capture the finer details of play, and provide greater clarity. Instantly, and accessible over the cloud like all other Spiideo cameras.

Assisting the entire Spiideo ecosystem

At Spiideo, our tactical approach focuses on flexibility. We don’t want to create products that only serve a limited number of use cases or require complicated setups. We focus on solutions — compatible with the entire Spiideo ecosystem — that our you can rely on to achieve your specific aims and needs.

For Spiideo Play users, it unlocks the ability to add new angles to your productions, designed to engage and excite. Add more angles to your production and take fans closer to the action and show them views that enhance the storytelling.

For Spiideo Perform users, it provides an opportunity to focus on particular players or areas of play, capturing close-action footage. Slow any moment down to analyze intricate movements and aid player safety, decision-making, and development. Ideal for goalkeeper practice, from any angle around the goal.

For Spiideo Replay Pro users, it provides eyes on the pitch in areas that aren’t clearly captured by standard Spiideo cameras mounted on the sidelines or stands. Unlock ultra-slow-motion replays and ensure refereeing decisions are made with crystal clear clarity. Seamlessly.