The new Spiideo Portable SmartCam 3

The Compact Powerhouse of Sports Video Technology

At Spiideo, we’re not just redefining sports video capture – we’re revolutionizing it. The Spiideo Portable SmartCam 3, our latest offering of AI-driven video technology, is a testament to this transformative journey. This compact smart camera, weighing less than a kilogram, is not only our smallest and lightest mobile camera system but a game-changer in sports video capture, analysis and broadcasting.

Compact innovation with unmatched performance

The Portable SmartCam 3 is a pioneer in automated sports video technology. Waterproof, weather-resistant, and remarkably compact, this device was crafted to ensure that capturing every moment is effortless, regardless of the venue or weather conditions. It’s not just portable; it’s a powerhouse.

With dual 5-megapixel sensors, an high-quality built-in microphone, and and a battery that will last until the final whistle, the Portable SmartCam 3 delivers impressive performance. In sport, size is no barrier to greatness and the Portable SmartCam 3 illustrates that. It’s small in size, yet packed with power.

AI-powered precision for maximum versatility

Featuring Spiideo’s cutting-edge AI AutoFollow technology, the Portable SmartCam 3 is an autonomous star player. Set it up, schedule your recording, and watch it precisely track every play, with an immersive 180-degree field view. The AI is meticulously – and uniquely – trained across major sports, ensuring professional-level capture whether on the field, court, rink or diamond.

This device not only captures footage but also feeds into Spiideo’s extensive ecosystem of elite tools. From Spiideo Perform’s video and data analysis to Spiideo Play’s automated broadcasting and Spiideo Replay Pro’s instant replays, the Portable SmartCam 3 offers a seamless, high-quality experience synonymous with Spiideo’s fixed cameras, but with unparalleled mobility.

Enhanced connectivity for limitless possibilities

Choosing between cellular, ethernet, or Wi-Fi, the Portable SmartCam 3 guarantees consistent, high-quality capture regardless of location. We’ve built this system to ensure that location is never a limitation in delivering an exceptional sports video capture.

Broadcasting redefined with unmatched mobile mass production

For media rights holders, the Portable SmartCam 3 is revolutionary. Effortlessly portable, this system can be moved between venues, capturing a spectrum of sports and competitions. Its swift setup and takedown, combined with Spiideo’s automated production technology called autocasting, ensure that every broadcast is a dynamic, engaging experience, captivating fans with every play. It’s your tireless production team.

The ultimate tool for sports analysis on the move

Understanding the rigors of sports, the Portable SmartCam 3 is an indispensable asset for teams on the go. Its ability to capture and analyze training sessions, alongside games, equips coaches with the insights needed for tactical adjustments and player performance enhancement, both live and post game. In addition to video, Spiideo AutoData transforms captured footage into actionable data insights and visualizations, giving teams a winning edge in every fixture, home and away. It’s your invaluable assistant across practice and all your game days. 

It’s much more than a mobile capture solution — It’s the full power of Spiideo, wherever the game leads you.

Looking for a portable powerhouse?

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