KSI and Spiideo extending the partnership

We are proud that the Icelandic National team is extending the partnership for multiple years.

With Spiideo, the Icelandic National Teams can instantly able to access real-time footage through the cloud-based platform, where they can live-tag matches/training, use drawing tools to highlight and annotate clips, and build presentations for both coaches and players.

We are really happy with our partnership with Spiideo. This year we have also added 2 Portable SmartCams, that we are using for training and games when we are traveling and playing away. Spiideo is ideal to capture live footage when we are training tactical plays or set pieces and want to give the players instant feedback on what works and what needs improvement. It's also a huge benefit for National teams across different ages to work with automatic recording and powerful performance analysis tools. We are looking forward to the coming year's partnership!

Arnar Vidarsson Head coach of the Icelandic National Team Men's

When we started this project in mid-2020 in Iceland, the intention was to help the clubs and the federation to work more efficiently and impactfully with video analysis. Through the league agreement, all Stadiums are equipped with cameras and automatically provide the National Teams video recordings from our automated fixed camera system, for analysis in training and National Team games played in Iceland. All through a single cloud-based platform says Alexander Malmström and adds

Now, with the addition of Portable SmartCams, the National Teams can bring the full power of Spiideo anywhere, which is the perfect mix of using Spiideo. We are proud of our close partnership with KSI (FA of Iceland) and looking forward to what the future will bring.

Alexander Malmström Sales Director Spiideo