Introducing the S-Line mark III from Spiideo

The next generation of automated sports video camera systems.

The Spiideo S-Line camera serves thousands of clubs, federations, facilities and media rights holders around the globe, offering Spiideo customers across various sports and setups market-leading usability, convenience and functionality.

However, in sport, you don’t win the title after one race. In fact, you must deliver consistent results over time. That’s why we’re proud to announce the new and improved S-Line mark III camera, to ensure Spiideo technology continues to top the table in sports video capture.

The new S-Line mark III

Enhancing the benefits of Spiideo

The latest S-Line model will offer the same features Spiideo customers are used to; cloud-connected, multiple 4k resolution, a 170-degree view of the field, indoor and outdoor use, and access to Spiideo’s full suite of analysis and autocasting tools. However, utilizing the latest advancements in camera technology, the new model will bring improvements in three key areas that Spiideo customers will benefit from:

Double the frame rate: up to 50/60 fps

This is the number of still images that are captured every second your Spiideo camera is rolling. With access to the double amount of frames, expect a smoother and more fluid viewing experience – perfect for sports played at a high speed!

  • Requires: Spiideo Perform Pro+ / Spiideo Play advanced production

Double larger image sensor: 2x the low light performance

This captures the information used to create an image. A larger sensor means greater light sensitivity, which in turn delivers higher quality sports video. The new S-Line significantly upgrades performance in low light conditions, maintaining the high standard of footage, even in challenging conditions.

  • Included in all subscriptions

Industry-leading optics: clarity in every moment

Setting the benchmark for sports video camera optics, improvements to the S-Line lenses will ensure captured footage is sharper than ever. Built to withstand the toughest of conditions, the new S-Line will continue to serve Spiideo customers come rain, wind, snow or shine.

  • Included in all subscriptions
Spiideo AI camera model S-Line
The power of the cloud

The sky is not the limit

All of Spiideo’s camera systems are cloud-connected, making the installation unparalleled simple and flexible.

No local servers are needed, and the cameras are automatically up to date with the latest enhancements and require minimal maintenance. They are robust, and you’ll benefit from automated cameras that are always live, and always ready to capture the action.

Combined with the recent improvement of Spiideo’s AI AutoFollow technology, designed individually for each sport Spiideo covers, the improved S-Line camera sets a new standard for sports video capture across a wide range of sports, enhancing the Spiideo experience for both Spiideo Play and Spiideo Perform customers.

Spiideo Play

Production quality worthy of the big screen

At Spiideo, we’re on a mission to utilize fully automated capture using AI, to deliver live streaming standards that match the viewing experience fans are used to when viewing the world’s biggest events aired on television, at an unparalleled cost relative to traditional broadcasting. Improving the S-Line system brings us a step closer to that objective, delivering a frame rate and image clarity in line with live TV productions, while offering far greater ease and convenience than the traditional broadcasting workflow.

While AutoFollow maintains focus on the action, Spiideo Play’s new unique Storyboard tool for large scale automatic production, allows users to enhance the autocasting experience with time-based or game-event triggered graphic overlays. Combined, Spiideo’s tools and technologies enable any organization, big or small, to deliver entirely automated productions effortlessly over the cloud, and now with the same production value offered by industry-leading television broadcasters. Only now, at unrivaled cost-effectivness and scalability.

Customers can simply schedule an event (from anywhere) through the Spiideo Play platform and know that the S-Line system is ready to capture the action once the event begins. Across thousands of venues, effortlessly through the cloud. 

Spiideo Play customers are now able to enhance their autocasting video, up to 50 FPS in European and up to 60 FPS in the United States, with a more fluid viewing experience. Reach out to Spiideo’s sales team to learn more about our advanced production tools.

Spiideo Perform

Giving coaches a closer look at individual performance

A coach can set up their team perfectly and dominate a game from start to finish, yet a single miskicked shot or poorly thrown ball could cost the team a victory. Even more, it can be season defining. In individual sports, these small margins often have an even greater impact. Where you position your foot prior to a jump could cost you gold, while releasing your grip a second too late could be the difference between a world record throw and falling just short.

Athletes come with a natural ability to excel in sport, but even minor tweaks to their technique can place them a step ahead of their competition. Higher frame rates are vital to achieving this, enabling coaches to watch back a play frame by frame, or in slow-motion, to determine where an action went wrong and what the individual player can do to improve it.

This is how top tier athletes are able to gain slight advantages that make a world of difference – and we’re proud to provide the same ability to competitors across all levels of sport through the affordable S-Line camera system.

With a multi-camera Spiideo setup capturing multiple views within the same recording, coaches can effortlessly switch between them to evaluate split-second movements from a variety of angles, such as tactical views, even from multiple angles. And with footage instantly accessible through the Spiideo Cloud, enabling coaches to analyze footage and deliver game-changing feedback on the sidelines, the 2x increase in frames and greater image clarity could make a game-changing difference.

Note: 50/60 fps requires Spiideo Perform Pro+ subscription


New S-Line MIII at 50 fps

Example with sequences in full speed and 0.5x slow motion, in evening and daylight settings