Solidsport and Spiideo to Automatically Broadcast all Matches in Germany’s Regionalliga Nord

Spiideo, a pioneering AI production & video provider, and Solidsport, a leading OTT platform, join forces to launch a powerful streaming experience for the semi-professional football league, Regionalliga Nord, in Germany.


Orchestrated by the North German Football Association (NFV) and in tandem with the 18 clubs of the Regionalliga Nord, Spiideo ( and Solidsport ( – who both hail from the Swedish sports tech sector – have united to facilitate an immersive viewing journey, making all 306 Regionalliga Nord matches available for fans.

As a leading OTT and online-video-platform (OVP) in Europe, Solidsport will serve as the exclusive provider of This strategic alignment empowers football enthusiasts with real-time and on-demand access to all games, complemented by a spectrum of supplementary news and content encompassing the Regionalliga Nord.

Our mission is to deliver an unparalleled sports streaming experience, enriching the connection between fans and the game they love. Partnering with NFV and Spiideo underscores our commitment to innovation, and together, we are redefining the way football is experienced

Andreas Westerlind Chief Commercial Officer at Solidsport

Spiideo, the leader in AI camera systems, automated video production technology, and video analysis/data will provide the infrastructure and technology for the automatic production and capture of every match. With thousands of matches already produced across various European and North American leagues, Spiideo’s cutting-edge technology will drive the production for fans.

We are thrilled to be supporting the NFV in enabling its clubs to better connect with their fans. Our innovative video production technologies not only enable them to live stream all Regionaliga Nord matches to fans across Germany, but also helps to attract new sponsorship opportunities through our in-feed commercialisation capabilities. The quality of play across the league deserved a quality solution to deliver content to fans, so our partnership with SolidSport's OTT was a perfect match to create the whole fan experience

Ian Wray Senior Media Partnerships Director at Spiideo

The collaboration between Solidsport and Spiideo presents NFV and Regionalliga Nord with an innovative streaming solution. With 24 matches already showcased on this season, the results have been overwhelmingly positive. Drawing an audience of over 44,000 unique viewers, these matches have collectively amassed more than 24,000 hours of football consumption.

We’re embarking on a transformative journey with Solidsport and Spiideo to bring an unparalleled unique football viewing experience to fans worldwide. This partnership not only elevates the way we engage with the game but also presents promising avenues for commercial growth. The future of football streaming has arrived

Ralph-Uwe Schaffert NFV President

In addition – the collaboration between Spiideo and Solidsport doesn’t just enhance the viewer experience—it also opens up exciting commercial possibilities for the league. With Spiideo’s state-of-the-art production technology and Solidsport’s versatile OTT platform, the Regionalliga Nord is poised to attract sponsors and advertisers keen to tap into a highly engaged and expansive fan base.

As the league’s matches reach fans across the globe, this new era of streaming presents a myriad of sponsorship and advertising opportunities, turning the games into an arena for brands to connect with their target audiences in innovative ways.

About Solidsport

Solidsport is a leading over-the-top (OTT) and online-video-platform (OVP) based in Europe, committed to delivering cutting-edge sports streaming experiences. With an unwavering dedication to innovation, Solidsport enriches fan engagement by providing real-time and on-demand access to an array of sports events, leagues, federations and clubs on all levels.

Over 5000 clubs, teams, events and media rights holders use Solidsport to broadcast over 100 000 games annually across Europe, enabling all sports on all levels. Live and on demand.

About Spiideo

Spiideo delivers astonishingly simple, powerful, and innovative solutions to the global sports community that shape the future of sports video production, analysis, and consumption.

Spiideo’s fixed and mobile camera systems for both indoor and outdoor sports, feature automatic recording, AutoFollow™, and virtual panorama technology that integrates directly with both Spiideo Perform and Spiideo Play.

By living in Spiideo, sports organizations and media-rights holders are able to eliminate manual filming processes, analyze the performance in a single platform, share footage from the cloud, and automate broadcasting. More than 2,000 organizations are currently using Spiideo, including teams in the Premier League, NHL, Serie A, MLS, NBA, Ligue 1, NCAA, and Bundesliga. Spiideo’s solution is also used by customers such as the USL, NWSL, Sweden’s Allsvenskan, Iceland’s Pepsi Max League, Denmark’s Metalligen, and various media-rights holders throughout both Europe and North America.