Unleashing The Full Potential Of Your Rights Through Automation

The Spiideo presentation at the 2023 SPORTEL in Monaco

Join us as we demystify the expanding capabilities of AI-powered production technology and provide insight into how it is enabling rights holders across all tiers of sports to benefit from the limitless possibilities of delivering “everything, everywhere, all at once”.

This presentation focuses on how the huge advances taking place in automated live sports video production, storytelling and distribution are unlocking the untapped potential of sports competitions through the creation of sustainable commercial models. Not only are cost barriers being substantially lowered for the creation of high quality content, but content can now be delivered at scale through super low-latency cloud production and distribution technology.

A revolution in sports content production is being unleashed to power commercialisation possibilities across broadcast OTT, digital publishing, sponsor activation, betting and gaming, as well as helping to elevate the quality of game-play through better insight.