Unleash the power of zoom

Introducing the S-Line POINT Zoom: A game-changer in long distance capture

Zoom in on every play

A game-changer for focused automated capture

The new Spiideo S-Line POINT Zoom camera is a valuable tool for sports teams looking to capture and record all the moments from the game.

With a 32x optical zoom, it allows for pixel-perfect capturing of action from a distance, making it ideal for capturing plays at home plate in Baseball or key areas of the goal in Field Hockey.

It can sit up to 400 feet (120 meters) away from the action, zooming in on the details to provide a unique perspective of the plays.

In addition to its impressive zoom capabilities, the Spiideo camera also records fast-paced action in high definition at 50/60 fps, ensuring that no plays are missed and captured with fluid motion.

Whether you’re covering Baseball, Field Hockey, or any other sport, this versatile camera has the power to help you get the perfect shot.