Soccer Video Camera


Finding the right soccer camera for your team can be the difference between winning and losing.

With multiple cameras integrated into a single system, clubs can now automatically capture the entire field, including the ability to use AutoFollow, zoom, pan, or switch angles seamlessly.

How to choose the right soccer camera:

Wide Angle Soccer Video Camera

Wide Angle Cameras

Wide angle cameras give soccer teams the ability to view every part of a large pitch. Whether it’s an indoor/outdoor setup, low light condition, or severe weather situation, they are flexible enough to automatically capture any situation.

With no local servers, they don’t require maintenance to connect and can be installed into any facility’s existing infrastructure. Just mount the camera system, connect it to the Internet, and start either a live stream or recording for video analysis.

Mobile Soccer Video Camera

Mobile Cameras

Mobile cameras empower soccer teams to quickly setup the recording or live streaming of any soccer match. With 5 hours of battery life for continuous recording, mobile cameras can be connected to the internet via ethernet, WiFi, or 4G.

Designed for daily use in tough environments, it’s the perfect complement to a wide angle camera setup, enabling soccer teams to take it to away match or use in places that lack the infrastructure for fixed cameras.


AutoFollow is a technology that integrates with your sports video camera to follow the action. Whether it’s a live stream for fans or a training game for coaches, AutoFollow captures what’s happening. With Virtual Panorama, there is always a possibility to zoom in or out to get an angle from the entire pitch.

Virtual Panorama

Virtual panorama technology is used to capture the entire playing field. By stitching together the hi-definition video from each camera in a system, this gives an entire overview of the playing surface and enables each user to individually pan, tilt, zoom, or change angles to get a more detailed look at each part of the field or court.

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