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Spiideo Perform Getting Started Guide

The ability to access video and data quickly enhances team and individual player development.

Given that you’re now a valued customer, video recording will always be available for you to capture the content you need in order to provide effective team analysis and live player feedback.

The purpose for this guide is to provide you with a quick start and key insights and best practices on all of the functionalities within our solution.

“Where there is sport, there is Spiideo!”

- The Spiideo team

Spiideo Perform devices

The maximum number of hours that you will be allowed to record and store video in your Spiideo account

  • Storage quota is your allowed storage of video
  • Recording quota is how much video you are allowed to record during a set period of time.


How Spiideo users use this feature

  • Monitor your recording and storage quota
  • Save on quota using the trimmed recording feature
  • Contact your sales representative to increase your quotas