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A complete solution for any NCAA Athletic Department or Conference

Watch the video above to get insight into how schools from DI to JUCO are harnessing the power of automated capture, analysis, data, and streaming.

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AI Cameras & Capture

Spiideo offers flexible camera options to accommodate any type of field, pitch, rink, and diamond, from multiple angles.  Easily installed with no local servers, you don’t need to worry about complicated installations due to the Spiideo solution being completely cloud-based.

When viewing recordings, Spiideo’s AutoFollow™ technology has been developed into sport-specific training models and is now uniquely trained for major sports in any athletic department. All recordings are also available in Virtual Panorama, which allows you to pan and zoom in and out of the field at any time.

Recently launched Spiideo REPLAY Pro features an optimized UI for fast reviews, such as game clock integration, fast-forward and back scrubbing interface and side-by-side viewing of multiple angles, with full virtual panorama viewing, to zoom in anywhere on the field. 


Spiideo’s AutoData™ delivers essential game events, game stats, and player actions. The solution is tailored for the individual sports, and provides breakdowns that are available within 24 hours from submission. Every breakdown is done by professionals trained in the specific context of each individual sport, providing accurate and actionable data insights at your fingertips, effortlessly. Learn more about AutoData™ Soccer LIVE.

To assist coaches in accelerated understanding and sharing insight, data points are presented as interactive sport-specific visualizations and charts that provide visual feedback, engaging players and helping them to understand the data shown in the context of the sport.

There are no limitations on what type of video you can get your breakdowns on. Whether it’s from your Spiideo cameras or any other video source, Spiideo AutoData™ will provide you with the data you need. Because the game is automatically captured by the AI cameras, all you need is to click submit a game, and in less than 24h, a full breakdown of the game is available.

Video Analysis

Spiideo makes it straightforward to analyze every play, provide real-time feedback, help your team improve performance, and drive success on and off the field. With data breakdowns being seamlessly integrated, our fully-featured video analysis solution, Spiideo Perform, is the powerful cloud platform that enables seamless collaboration and engagement. It also offers unrivaled flexibility to meet the needs of any level. 

In Spiideo Perform, tagging is fundamental to be able to filter out specific sequences and create a more effective workflow. By adding tags, you athletes can get more involved with personlized sequences for review. In addition, CloudLink enables live tagging through low-latency feed on tactical all-players view, with seamless integration into other analysis software such as Sportscode, SBG Focus and Angles – and any other platform that supports RTSP.

Once you’ve added tags, you can apply filters on the fly or use Data Explorer to quickly find what you need and in presentations you can quickly put together engaging material of clips for your players. AI-assisted drawing tools make the task of enhancing the feedback more powerful and visual. 

Livestreaming & Broadcast

From the same AI camera system,  you also get a live-streaming solution for major sports. Spiideo Play produces high-quality broadcasts with technical reliability, ensuring that your audience always gets the best viewing experience possible. With consistent high quality capture and the possibility for graphic overlays, you can be sure that your live streams will always look their best.

There are multiple ways to enrich your production with CloudStudio, Spiideo’s streamlined production tool that allows for remote or on-site commentary, controlling of the time and score, and video overlays. 

Your games can be distributed anywhere you want it to go using RTMP or SRT, to your preferred platform. Spiideo Play also offers a flexible OTT platform that allows you to broadcast games for free to your fans or monetize with pay-per-view and download capabilities.