AutoData Soccer Advanced

In-depth player and team data to analyze strengths and eliminate weaknesses

In-depth player and team data to analyze strengths and eliminate weaknesses

You can’t rely on basic game data to deliver elite results. Your team may top the league for successful passes, but how many progressed the ball up the pitch? And how many put a teammate under immediate pressure?

That’s where Spiideo’s new AutoData Soccer Advanced comes into play. It’s no longer just a successful pass. There’s a much deeper story. It’s a through-ball delivered from the flank to the penalty spot, from one player to another, with pinpoint accuracy.

In just 24 hours, entire games are broken down into specific actions—shots on target, blocks, aerial duels, presses, cutbacks, accurate passes, and much more— from kick-off to the final whistle. It works with any video: regardless of whether it’s automatically captured through Spiideo’s AI-powered cameras, or third-party footage uploaded to the Spiideo Perform.

AutoData Soccer Advanced offers world-class analysis potential, blistering speed, and exceptional clarity by providing a wealth of team and individual player data, positional data for every action, powerful stat-driven visualizations, and the ability to click and jump to footage of that moment in play. It enables coaching teams to analyze, scout, and deliver feedback that can turn good players into game-changers.

Insights that bring out the best in any player

With AutoData Soccer Advanced, every action is attributed to the players involved and their precise positions on the pitch are recorded. All captured match data can be accessed effortlessly through Spiideo Perform’s new Analytics tab, and sorted by action to see which individuals are putting in player of the match-worthy showings.

This data also powers all-new cutting-edge data visualizations, such as pressing intensity charts, pass chains, and 3D shot maps, which put a wealth of stats into perspective for coaches and players alike.

Combined, these tools provide a closer look at each player’s impact on the game—Is your playmaker attempting enough long balls? Are your full-backs losing possession too far forward? Is your holding midfielder giving away fouls in dangerous areas? Data alone won’t win you the league, but using the insights to minimize individual errors and finetune team performance can put points on the board.

Make more use of data when combined with video

AutoData’s greatest attribute is the time it saves thanks to its powerful partnership with Spiideo’s top-tier video analysis platform. Data points are no longer just a number in a spreadsheet, but a moment in play that can be clicked on within a breakdown or visualization and watched back in crystal clear quality from multiple angles.

The result? Feedback that hits the mark—without wasting hours manually reviewing entire games.
Want to analyze all shots taken from outside the box by a particular player over the course of a season? Pull up the data, add these moments to a presentation with a single click, and deliver precise feedback that can help players take a step forward in their development.

At Spiideo, we don’t want to lead the competition in one metric. We want to put in MVP performances in every area—capture, streaming, video analysis, and data—and AutoData Soccer Advanced is the latest star player to join the line-up.