Spiideo & Icelandic Top Football Expand Partnership to all men's & women's Besta League Teams

22 teams across the top divisions of football in Iceland will continue their use of Spiideo’s automated video solutions – including League Exchange and Spiideo Perform, empowering teams with the leading tools for live, post-match, and opponent analysis. 


Spiideo ( and Icelandic Top Football ( are pleased to announce an extension of their partnership for the top divisions of Icelandic football.

With automated Spiideo camera systems already installed across the country, the Besta Leagues have utilized the Spiideo system since 2020.

We're incredibly excited to extend our league-wide partnership with Spiideo. Over the last 3 years, we've seen automated video transform the way our teams can use visual analysis and scouting to improve play throughout the season. With continual innovation coming from Spiideo, our teams are constantly getting the latest game-changing tools to take their coaching and play to higher levels

Birgir Jóhanssson CEO of the Icelandic Topp Football

Additionally, individual teams have taken steps to expand their use of Spiideo through additional investment in Spiideo camera systems to enhance their video and data for training facilities. Spiideo Play – the automated production platform – has also been deployed for the broadcasting of youth games across Iceland.

Having automated video across an entire league is the most powerful investment any organization can make. I'm thrilled to extend our partnership with Icelandic Top Football as they continue on their journey of excellence at all levels

Patrik Olsson Spiideo CEO & Co-Founder

About Spiideo

Spiideo delivers astonishingly simple, powerful, and innovative solutions to the global sports community that shape the future of sports video production, analysis, and consumption.

Spiideo’s fixed and mobile camera systems for indoor and outdoor sports feature automatic recording, AutoFollow, and virtual panorama technology that integrates directly with Spiideo Perform and Spiideo Play.

By living in Spiideo, sports organizations and media-rights holders can eliminate manual filming processes, analyze the performance in a single platform, share footage from the cloud, and automate broadcasting. More than 2,000 organizations are using Spiideo, including Premier League, NHL, Serie A, MLS, NBA, Ligue 1, NCAA, and Bundesliga. Spiideo’s solution is being used by customers such as the USL, NWSL, Sweden’s Allsvenskan, Iceland’s Pepsi Max League, Denmark’s Metalligen, and various media-right holders throughout Europe and North America.

Spiideo was founded in Malmö, in the south of Sweden, in 2012. Since then, the company has expanded and has international offices in the UK, the US, China, & Germany.