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With Spiideo’s 4K sport cameras installed on your rink, video recording is always available. For training or match- it’s always there, it’s always ready. There is no longer a need for manual camera handling, no camera operator, no hassle with cables and video files.

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Narvik Hockey players in a game
Capture every moment

Automated recording, analysis and broadcast of games and practice

The powerful cloud platform that empowers you with automated recording, powerful analysis, and live streaming tools. It can be used during games as well as during practice sessions.

An ice hockey player cheering after scoring a goal

Save time and effort

Automate video recording and get instant access to high-quality footage for more effective coaching.

Capture everything on the field, regardless of where it happens. Move around and zoom in on any details you want.

At any time, any way you’d like.

Two ice hockey players in a face-off
Case study

Frölunda Hockey (SWE)

A panoramic view of an ice hockey rink and end goals

For us, it’s been a lifesaver to be able to work our practice sessions in a better way

Fredrik Sjöström General Manager, Frölunda Hockey
A live stream view of an ice hockey rink and players
Live stream all your games


Spiideo’s intelligent camera system and cloud platform automatically capture the entire field at all times. With the AI game tracker, there is no need to have a camera operator recording the game.

The intelligent Spiideo software automatically sees where the action is. As a viewer, you will see the most interesting sequences, just like if a professional camera team would be there filming the game.