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With Spiideo’s 4K sport cameras installed on your rink, video recording is always available. For training or match- it’s always there, it’s always ready. There is no longer a need for manual camera handling, no camera operator, no hassle with cables and video files.

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Automated recording, analysis and broadcast of games and practice

Spiideo’s 4K AI-powered ice hockey cameras use panoramic lenses to track every player and capture the entire rink. The cameras are always ready, providing valuable footage for training and analysis. With Spiideo’s cloud platform, you can store and analyze your footage using Spiideo Perform’s sports video analysis software. Create clear and concise illustrations of plays and in-game situations using templates, drawings, and labels. Tag specific situations with comments for improved analysis and discussion with coaches and players.

Livestream your footage with Spiideo Play for uninterrupted, high-quality broadcasting with low latency. Insert valuable on-screen information such as lineups, scores, time, sponsors, highlights, and replays for a stimulating viewing experience. Spiideo Play is compatible with multiple third-party video platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo, making it easy to reach your fans.

An ice hockey player cheering after scoring a goal

Save time and effort

Spiideo offers AI-powered ice hockey cameras with panoramic lenses that capture the entire rink, providing high-quality footage of every player and puck movement. Our Spiideo Perform video analysis software makes it easy to analyze and discuss plays with coaches and players, while our cloud platform allows you to store and compare footage for future reference. With Spiideo, you no longer have to waste time trying to remember how a play went down or which player did what. Improve your team’s decision-making and player development with Spiideo’s reliable and comprehensive video analysis.

Two ice hockey players in a face-off
Spiideo AI camera model S-Line

Specialized sports camera for ice hockey

Spiideo’s Ice hockey camera is tailored for the sport it records. The camera’s panoramic lenses ensure complete field capture, despite the fast-paced shots and sudden player direction changes that are common in ice hockey. Spiideo’s AI software adapts to the sport’s unique challenges, following the gameplay smoothly and capturing every in-game situation. With Spiideo, you’ll never miss a play or situation, and you can analyze and discuss plays with coaches and players using Spiideo Perform video analysis software. Spiideo Play allows you to livestream footage with low latency and insert valuable on-screen information for a stimulating viewing experience. Improve your team’s decision-making and player development with Spiideo’s reliable and comprehensive video analysis.


Camera installation

Install your Spiideo Ice hockey camera by mounting it in your rink and connecting it to the internet. Record footage and store it on our cloud platform for in-depth analysis anytime. Our hassle-free cameras let you focus on improving your team’s game outcome, with no need for local servers or cables. Maintenance is easy too – with built-in batteries and plug-in power supply, and as long as internet and power are available, our cameras will capture high-quality footage without any intervention.

Case study

Frölunda Hockey (SWE)

A panoramic view of an ice hockey rink and end goals

For us, it’s been a lifesaver to be able to work our practice sessions in a better way

Fredrik Sjöström General Manager, Frölunda Hockey
A live stream view of an ice hockey rink and players
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Spiideo’s intelligent camera system and cloud platform automatically capture the entire field at all times. With the AI game tracker, there is no need to have a camera operator recording the game.

The intelligent Spiideo software automatically sees where the action is. As a viewer, you will see the most interesting sequences, just like if a professional camera team would be there filming the game.